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My BlueChew review: Revolutionary Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

The online-based men’s health brand BlueChew has announced its entry into the highly competitive erectile dysfunction (ED) category.

It’s unique online service attempts to deliver a chewable treatment for impotence without the embarrassment of visiting physicians. 

The company explains,

‘Bluechew is a service dedicated to bringing custom prescription treatments for men who can’t tolerate commercially available pills, do not want to go to the doctor’s office, and want to have more confidence in bed.

Each patient is reviewed by a licensed physician or medical professional. We also offer professional medical support to make sure your medical questions are answered in a timely manner.

Company Overview

Founded in 2014, BlueChew is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dermacare LLC—a company focusing on acne and skin health products. Most recently, it posted revenues of $379,594

The BlueChew erectile dysfunction treatment challenges the long-established tradition of visiting a physician to obtain prescription-only medications.

BlueChew Challenges the Traditional Market

In the USA, both sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra) and tadalafil (the active ingredient in Cialis) are only available through prescription. Experts agree that this restrictive process led to both the illegal retail of these drugs online and a surge in fake products. This is especially the case since many men (including me) wish to avoid the stigma and shame of discussing erectile dysfunction with their physician.

The Pfizer Global Security team discovered that 80 percent of online sites purporting to sell Viagra were actually distributing counterfeit tablets. Clinical analysis of these drugs revealed that they contained compounds including floor wax, blue printer ink, rat poison, amphetamines and road paint.

BlueChew aims to remove the embarrassment while still adhering to federal and state laws. Their spokesman explains,

‘We believe healthcare doesn’t have to be a pain, expensive, embarrassing, or inconvenient. Members of BlueChew get access to a medical team trained in diagnosing and treating patients with custom treatments for improved sexual confidence.’

BlueChew offers the choice of either sildenafil (30 mg) or tadalafil (6 mg) treatments. Once a member of the site, the applicant completes a health questionnaire and confirms his identity through a photograph of his government-issued ID. A physician, licensed to practice in the relevant state, then reviews the details.

BlueChew emphasizes,

‘Our internet portal and prescribing physicians are properly licensed and follow all state laws. Every state has different rules and regulations.’

Once the appointed doctor approves the application, a prescription is granted, and the treatment dispatched under plain packaging to the purchaser’s home address.

BlueChew offers a choice of packaging volumes, from its ‘Active Plan’ (six sildenafil doses or four tadalafil) through to the ‘Pro Plan’ (34 sildenafil doses or 28 tadalafil). These are delivered to the purchaser monthly.

By allowing the consumer to select between either sildenafil or tadalafil, BlueChew explains that this provides the ideal options for the consumer. They can select between the shorter half-life of sildenafil (taking just before intercourse) or the longer half-life of tadalafil (taken up to 17 hours before intercourse).

BlueChew Review: Why It Is Better Than Other Meds: Novel Medication Delivery

The erectile dysfunction market is dominated by sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil and avanafil, but only in tablet form—a convention that BlueChew wishes to challenge.

Moving away from pills, BlueChew, as the name suggests, has developed a novel chewable form of medication delivery. 

It utilizes a form that’s no larger than a standard candy and with a light, sweet taste. The company indicates that this allows men who have trouble swallowing hard tablets to consume an effective erectile dysfunction treatment comfortably. Furthermore, it removes the need for access to a glass of water.

This method of administration also means that using BlueChew is significantly more discreet than removing a distinctive blue tablet from a blister pack—which may save embarrassment in front of peers or sexual partners.

The Future of BlueChew

The vast interest generated by the unveiling of BlueChew indicates that the market is ready and eager for such a product.

Telemedicine is undoubtedly a growth area. And, with BlueChew offering a more easily consumable erectile dysfunction treatment—without the necessity of visiting a physician—this could be a groundbreaking development that the ‘old-guard’ may soon imitate.

Why You Should Try BlueChew?

Let’s face it, erectile dysfunction can ruin relationships and is embarrassing as hell. You won’t be going out with your buddies and discuss how your penis doesn’t want to get into action when your wife is ready for a sex marathon. 

Once it happens, I can assure you that the next time you are about to have sex, the first thing you’ll remember is how you were not able to perform the last time. 

And, this is the very reason, why you should turn to BlueChew. Based on my experience, trying BlueChew resolved this problem immediately. I admit, that I was still anxious after chewing Bluechew pill and getting ready for sex with my wife. But seeing that despite my anxious thoughts my penis was still fully erect, my confidence started to return. 

I was again able to please my wife and enjoy sex. 

I guess I don’t need to do further explaining. If you want to improve your sex life, BlueChew is the way to go. They even offer a one-month free trial, so you can decide whether this product is for you or not. If you are up to it, you can sign up for Bluechew service here

Market Overview and History

In 2016, the size of the ED market was valued by analysts at $1.65 billion, with expectations of reaching $2.95 billion by 2023.

In the USA, estimates indicate that 18 million men have ED. Prevalence increases by 10 percent for every decade of life, meaning that at 70 years of age, 70 percent of these men will suffer ED.

In 1998, Pfizer’s introduction of the PDE5 inhibitor Viagra (sildenafil) switched the clinical treatment of ED from penile injections and mechanical pumps to an oral pill. Five years later, the pharma Eli Lilly developed a similar operating drug, Cialis (tadalafil).

Today, these two brands dominate the ED treatment market, with Levitra (vardenafil) and Stendra (avanafil) as the other less common medications. 

Roger Mullen

Roger Mullen

Roger has an extensive experience in helping men to overcome sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety.