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Winning companies are innovative and stay ten steps ahead of their competition. And talent is the key to winning in today’s Information Age. A comprehensive paid family and medical leave program helps employers attract and retain the best talent. It aligns your organization’s values with how you run your business. It adds to your corporate reputation and gives you a competitive advantage in your industry. No matter how you look at it, paid leave makes business sense.

The concept of paid family and medical leave in the U.S. builds off the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, which requires companies that have more than 50 employees to provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to allow employees time off for the birth of a baby or to care for a loved one. Today paid family and medical leave, generally referred to as paid leave, is a gender-neutral, equality-based approach that provides all employees paid time off (the gold standard is a minimum of 12 weeks) to cover birth, bonding or adoption of a child; personal or family illness; and elder caregiving.

The Paid Leave Project is a dedicated initiative managed by Panorama to help companies prepare for making the most of their paid leave program. We work with U.S. companies to demonstrate the benefits – for both employers and employees – of a comprehensive paid family and medical leave program. With research, an extensive Playbook, downloadable resources and more, we help make it easy for company leaders to assess, design and implement a program that best fits the needs of their workforce.

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A diverse range of organizations across industries have recently implemented new or enhanced paid family and medical leave benefits for their U.S. employees.

  • We hire true professionals who desire a career in the hospitality industry. Part of that is creating a career ladder and offering benefits that meet your personal needs as they evolve.

    Union Square Hospitality Group - Why Paid Family Leave Is Good Business - Boston Consulting Group
  • Patagonia is a perfect case study for what happens when women don't feel like they have to leave the workforce. You do get pay and opportunity parity.

    Patagonia - Why Paid Family Leave Is Good Business - Boston Consulting Group

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