Decisions to Be Made

Consider which employee groups will be eligible for paid family and medical leave.

  1. Which job positions / functions will be eligible? (e.g., both salaried and hourly, both full-time and part-time, all levels of the organization)
  2. Will a certain tenure be required? (e.g., 1+ year of tenure required to be eligible)

How to Approach These Decisions

Understand the needs of different cohorts - If paid leave is requested equally by employees across different cohorts, there is a strong case to offer the benefit across the full workforce

  • Analyze your most recent employee survey results by employee type, to understand if/how group interests differ
  • If data is not already available, consider launching a short survey to gather data on these needs and preferences
  • Consider holding a focus group with a diverse set of workers, or multiple focus groups

Consider the values statement you wish to make - Recognize that employee coverage can be interpreted internally and externally as a statement of your company values

  • Determine if it is feasible to cover both salaried and hourly workers to reinforce values about equality and the importance of all employees to your business
  • Determine if it is possible to provide coverage for all types of parenting / caregiving arrangements to reinforce values of inclusion and the diversity of contemporary families


Company A: Wanted to signal that the company highly values its hourly staff, who make up over 50% of its workforce. Covered both salaried and hourly workers.

Company B: Employee survey results showed paid parental leave was a top priority for salaried employees, but not for hourly workers. To address its employees' top needs, the company created a paid parental leave policy for HQ only, focusing on different benefits programs for hourly employees.

Company C: Covered all employees under a new parental leave policy with a tiered system to reward long-standing employees. Its policy offers workers with 3+ years of tenure 4 more weeks of paid leave.

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