Erectile Dysfunction

Get Roman Premature Ejaculation Wipes Review

My member was a time-bomb—set to detonate in around a minute.

Whether getting some oral action from my partner, or engaging in full-blown sex, the old fella would explode its love juice within sixty seconds. Thinking about the mother in law or attempting to recall the 1982 49’ers team didn’t help.

I felt emasculated, embarrassed and worthless.

In desperation, I searched online.

I thank the stars I discovered the GetRoman premature ejaculation products.

They turned my over-eager Johnson into a tower of ejaculatory control—enabling the girl and me to enjoy extended and athletic sex.

Allow me to reveal the whole insane story in this GetRoman premature ejaculation Products Service review.

What Is GetRoman?

Let me give you some quick background.

Zachariah Reitan had been suffering from sexual dysfunction issues for years. Although he knew there were products out there to help his problems—he felt embarrassed having to discuss his bedroom difficulties with doctors.

So, he formed the Roman company, an online haven where guys who were encountering down-below troubles could receive reliable advice and medication—without having to see a physician face-to-face.

Let me hit you with the shocking truth.

Premature ejaculation (PE) is scarily common, with one in three men having to deal with this humiliating condition.1

Medical professionals diagnose premature ejaculation when a guy has an IELT (intravaginal ejaculatory latency time) of sixty seconds or less. In simple terms, he jizzes within a minute of placing his penis inside his partner.2

However, in a general sense, the boundaries aren’t so strict.

For the layman, premature ejaculation occurs whenever a guy cums before he isn’t ready. So, in this context, if you’re bedroom athletics are over too soon in your eyes (or your partners), then you’re suffering from PE—sometimes called early climax or rapid ejaculation.

Not only can this make you feel inferior, but it can also destroy confidence, cause depression and wreck relationships.

The GetRoman premature ejaculation products are designed for guys who want to last longer in bed and deliver face-drenching loads. As a subscription-based service, the treatments are delivered to your door after answering a few online questions.

No visits to a doctor, sexual nurse or pharmacist.

These GetRoman premature ejaculation meds are ideal for guys who:

  • Are over 18 years of age.
  • Don’t last as long in bed as they want.
  • Demand marathon-like love-making sessions.
  • Have an insatiable partner who needs lengthy intercourse.
  • Want to feel back in control.

You don’t even need to have a partner. The GetRoman premature ejaculation products are equally suited to single guys looking for a girl.

Think of it like this.

You’re out a club and end up bringing a sweet honey back to your apartment. Using the GetRoman premature ejaculation products means that you’re going to give her a mind-blowing screw. Thus, creating an immense first impression and leaving her desperate to see you again.

Can GetRoman premature ejaculation Products Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

Possibly indirectly, but they’re not designed for this issue.

Erectile dysfunction (ED), the inability to either achieve or maintain a firm erection, can often be a psychological issue.

One of the primary mental causes of a floppy Johnson is anxiety. That is, you’re so concerned about how you’re going to perform beneath the sheets that your penis fails to become erect.3

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, this can send your performance anxiety skyrocketing, hence causing erectile dysfunction.

However, there are other causes of a limp dick, including physiological, habitual, and biological. In these circumstances, the GetRoman premature ejaculation products will have little effect on your flaccid phallus.

Luckily, the guys at GetRoman also run a sister service—delivering mail-based erectile dysfunction products, such as Viagra and Cialis, directly to your doorstep.

GetRoman premature ejaculation Product/Service Options 

The guys at Roman offer two different premature ejaculation products—wipes and pills.

Roman Swipes

You can purchase these wipes from the GetRoman website without an online prescription.

Their use is straightforward.

Five minutes before intercourse, apply one wipe over the areas of your member that are the most sensitive. Once it’s dry, you’re ready for penetration.

It’s important to note that these wipes don’t entirely destroy sensation—you’re still able to feel each and every thrust into your partner’s wet love tunnel.

However, they do prevent over-stimulation, meaning that the hair-trigger on your Johnson isn’t fired too soon, and your load remains stored in your balls.

The active compound in these discreet wipes is benzocaine (at four percent). This local anesthetic is entirely safe and is unlikely to cause any side effects.

What’s more, the clinical research on this ingredient is impressive.

A study, published by the American Urological Association, demonstrated that four-percent benzocaine wipes increased time to ejaculation by at least four minutes.4

Furthermore, the guys who participated in this research enjoyed:

  • A more considerable feeling of control.
  • Increased confidence.
  • Greater satisfaction.
  • Improved sexual relationships.
  • Enhanced pleasure.
  • Reduced frustration.

Pros of Roman Swipes

  • No requirement to swallow daily pills or have injections.
  • Backed by clinical research.
  • Will not entirely elimination sensation.
  • Quick and easy to apply five minutes before sex.
  • Elevates satisfaction, boosts pleasure and strengthens relationships.
  • Few side effects.
  • Available without a prescription.

Cons of Roman Swipes

  • May have a slight aftertaste in oral sex.
  • Requires taking “time out” during foreplay to apply.
  • May lack sufficient power for severe premature ejaculation issues.
  • Unsuitable for guys allergic to benzocaine.5


An alternative to the wipes is this GetRoman premature ejaculation pill.

Once you’ve obtained an online prescription, this tablet is sent to your home, where you consume it daily.

While you may not have heard of sertraline itself (the active compound), you may already know its branded name, Zoloft. However, as a generic sertraline pill—it’s much lighter on the wallet than its over-hyped cousin.

Most commonly, this drug is prescribed to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorder—usually in doses of 50-200 mg. 6

However, for the treatment of premature ejaculation, the quantities are lower—typically 25-50 mg per day.

The results are astonishing.

Scientists at Amersham hospital, UK, explored its effects on guys suffering from premature ejaculation. Prior to this study, these men couldn’t last longer than one minute before releasing their load after penetration.

Over a three week period, receiving a daily dose of 25 mg, their sexual duration increased to over seven minutes.7

There’s more:

When the doctors increased the dose to 50 mg, their love-making sessions extended to over thirteen minutes.

Phenomenal, right?

So, you’re probably wondering—how does it work?

The good news is, unlike the wipes, this GetRoman premature ejaculation treatment doesn’t include an anesthetic.

Instead, sertraline is an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor). In simple terms, by preventing reuptake by neurons, it elevates levels of serotonin in the brain. As such it lowers stress, raises confidence and promotes a heightened feeling of well-being.8

Hence, your lovemaking is calmer, less rushed and you’re filled with confidence—allowing you to take back control and hold back on your jizzing until you’re ready.

Pros of Sertraline

  • Incredible results in clinical research.
  • Ideal for guys suffering from severe premature ejaculation.
  • May increase mood and confidence.
  • Can increase love-making duration by a factor of thirteen.
  • Discreet—your partner doesn’t need to know your using it.

Cons of Sertraline

  • Some users may experience side effects such as dizziness, nausea, agitation and lethargy.
  • Can prevent ejaculation completely.

What Does GetRoman premature ejaculation Products Promise?

The science behind these two products is solid—but what does Roman claim they can do?

Here’s what they’re saying:

Increases Time to Ejaculation

Spilling your cum-juice before you’re ready can be demeaning.

As guys, the pressure is placed on us to perform in the bedroom—by women, the media and porn.

The issue is, it’s a vicious circle.

If you ejaculate too early, the next time it comes to sex, this is playing on your mind. You’re not thinking about satisfying yourself or your partner—just how long it’s going to be before your Johnson spurts.

This exacerbates the situation, leading you to cum early again.9

Both the GetRoman premature ejaculation wipes and pills ensure that your screwing sessions aren’t curtailed—leading to increased gratification, elevated enjoyment and stronger relationships.

Heightens Confidence

If you know your pleasure pillar is under control—your confidence skyrockets.

Using the GetRoman premature ejaculation products means that you are the master of the bedroom. Hence, you can be as adventurous as you like and enjoy the sexual positions you find the most stimulating—without the fear of cumming too early.

What’s more—it’s not all about the intercourse.

Being able to holdback means that you can get your partner to give you some seriously intense mouth and hand (feet, butt or whatever) action before you place your wanger inside her.

Provides Advice and Support 

While a subscription service—GetRoman isn’t a brand that’s going to take your cash and then forget about you.

Any queries, questions or concerns you have about your premature ejaculation issues or medication—you can speak to an online physician via video chat, messaging or phone call.

Delivers Products Direct to Your Door

One of the most appealing features of the GetRoman premature ejaculation products is that they arrive directly at your house every month or quarter. Hence, you’re never going to be without your performance-boosting aids. You’re always ready for action.

Furthermore, as an online service, you don’t have to meet your doctor or pharmacist in person and disclose the sordid details about your sexual love-life.

GetRoman premature ejaculation Products Results

Bro, I’ve been there.

You don’t want to be waiting for months for results—you want incredible and long-lasting intercourse now.

The good news is, using the GetRoman premature ejaculation products means that you can achieve extended love-making sessions almost immediately. Allow me to take you through both products.

Roman Swipes

Get this.

The moment these wipes arrive on your doorstep, you’re just five minutes from pounding away like an industrial jackhammer.

Once you apply the wipe to your member, within around 300 seconds, it’s dry and ready to get to work.


The working process behind this drug takes a little longer—while you wait for your serotonin levels to build up.

However, we’re not talking months.

Many guys report experiencing delayed ejaculation after just one to two weeks of use. Studies indicate that for the ultimate effects you should consume daily for at least three weeks for maximum love-making returns.10

Bear in mind that you should continue taking this product even when you find your staying power. Ceasing use will lead to your serotonin dropping again, and the quick release may reappear.

Here’s my advice.

Use a combination of both GetRoman premature ejaculation products—at least in the short term.

The wipes have an immediate effect—allowing you to reap the benefits of superhuman-like ejaculatory control the moment they arrive at your doorstep. At the same time, begin your course of sertraline.

Hence, after just a couple of weeks, you can drop the use of the swipes—and are able to enjoy embarrassment free porn-like stamina.

GetRoman premature ejaculation Products Customer Testimonials

I began this article explaining that the GetRoman premature ejaculation products have changed my life—it also appears that this has been an experience for other guys too.

Here’s what they’re saying:

“My 19-year marriage was going down the drain until Roman. You guys have done me a tremendous favor.”

“Thank you so much for your help and partnership in taking care of me as a patient. I’m having a honeymoon because of your help.”

“I recently rekindled with the love of my life after waiting for 24 years. You made our first time like I always imagined back when I was 28, and I first saw her.

“Everyone has been great and super helpful, thank you for making this normally sensitive topic comfortable and providing the help and support I needed.”

“You have given me back a part of life I thought was just gone. For that, I am sincerely grateful. You have seriously helped me with something I never thought I would feel comfortable addressing.”

How Does It Feel?

It’s no underestimation to say that the effects were life-changing.

Bro, I’ll be honest with you—before using GetRoman, premature ejaculation had become an obsession.

It started with a couple of love-making sessions that finished early. I’m not talking instantaneous, but they lasted no more than three or four minutes—much shorter than what I was used to.

This began to play on my mind—making me anxious about my performance and what my partner thought of me. Hence every subsequent session, I worried more—and my early climaxing happened even quicker.

I felt alone, embarrassed and less than a real man—believing that my girl would soon leave me for a more virile and competent lover.

Then I tried GetRoman.

I opted for sertraline. I knew that it might take a couple of weeks to kick in fully—but reading the reviews online, it seemed guys using this treatment were lasting for ridiculous amounts of time.

And they were right.

It began as a gradual increase in duration. Week on week with each sexual session, my confidence was building—as was the pleasure I delivered to my partner.

After about four or so weeks, I’d completely forgotten about the issue—I was making love like a damn professional. I felt reinvigorated, masculine and one hell of a love-monster.

The gasps and moans that came from my partner proved that it was true.

Furthermore, as I was now concentrating on pleasure—and not cumming—the gratifying sexual sensations were heightened. Each thrust and withdrawal was like an orgasm in itself—without the sex curtailing jizz.

I still take my sertraline—it’s become second nature. I just knock one back with my breakfast, and that’s it—I’m always ready for some intense and lengthy screwing.

GetRoman premature ejaculation Products Side Effects & Complaints

To provide a completely fair review, I searched intensely online to see if guys were complaining about the GetRoman premature ejaculation products.

My experience with this company was incredible—but it didn’t mean that everyone had the same opinion.

Reassuringly, I found few negative comments about the company or the treatments.

The only ones I was able to discover weren’t about the ejaculation-extending results—but instead extraneous matters.

For example, one man complained that the products could not be delivered to his state. Another moaned sertraline wasn’t covered by his health insurance.

Apart from that, customer opinions were overwhelmingly positive.

However, I do have to state that, as with any medical treatments, side effects may occur.

Let me take you through both products.

Roman Swipes

Research shows that when applied externally, the benzocaine active ingredient is low-risk.11

However, in extremely rare cases, it could induce:

  • Low blood pressure.
  • Slow heartbeat.
  • Cardiac arrest.
  • Convulsions.
  • Drowsiness.
  • Dizziness.
  • Edema.
  • Allergic reactions.


Around thirty-eight percent of users experience adverse health issues using this drug. Although again, instances are rare.12

Of these, here are the most common side effects:

  • Drowsiness (53 percent).
  • Weight gain (49 percent).
  • Dry mouth (19 percent).
  • Insomnia (16 percent).
  • Fatigue (14 percent).
  • Nausea (14 percent).
  • Dizziness (13 percent).
  • Tremors (12 percent).

GetRoman Service Packages and Pricing

Down to the serious business in this GetRoman premature ejaculation products review—the pricing.

There are a number of options available. Here’s how they stack up:

Roman Swipes

Monthly delivery $27.00 per month Box containing eight wipes.

Quarterly delivery $22.00 per month Three boxes (24 wipes in total).


Monthly delivery $24.00 per month One months’ supply.

So, which plan to go for?

I’d suggest selecting the Roman Swipes if you suffer from light to moderate premature ejaculation.

Additionally, as I mentioned earlier, you can also use these wipes alongside sertraline as you wait for the cumulative powers to take effect.

Furthermore, these wipes are ideal if you’re uncomfortable taking pills—or you have a low intercourse frequency.

Sertraline is more potent, and therefore ideal for those with severe premature ejaculation. The manufacturer recommends that you take the pills daily for maximum benefits. 

While some guys prefer to take them four to eight hours prior to sex instead—the results will not be as astounding as daily use.

Where to Buy GetRoman premature ejaculation Products?

If you want to enjoy long-lasting and fulfilling intercourse like me—you need these GetRoman premature ejaculation products.

But a quick word of warning:

Only purchase them from the official GetRoman website. Find them anywhere else, and they’re highly likely to be fakes. Thus meaning you’ll be paying for an ineffective product that may be dangerous.

Currently, these GetRoman premature ejaculation products are only available across the USA—although they don’t ship to North Dakota.

Buying directly from the manufacturer ensures that you:

  • Receive a 100 percent genuine product.
  • Have access to online medical practitioners for advice.
  • Can take advantage of pan-USA shipping.
  • Benefit from their competitive pricing.

One of the useful factors of using GetRoman is that you’re able to control your account directly through the My Ro Portal.

From here, you can pause your shipments or cancel them entirely—without a penalty.

In the unlikely event that you receive a product that you didn’t order, or it arrives at an incorrect dosage, you can return the product and receive a refund. However, if the correct product is delivered, there’s no returns policy.

How GetRoman premature ejaculation Products Works

Because one of the GetRoman premature ejaculation products is only available on prescription, ordering online may be slightly different from what you’re used to.

If you’re purchasing the over-the-counter Roman Swipes—it’s a standard checkout procedure. Select monthly or quarterly delivery, pay the cost, and wait for your product to arrive.

However, the process for sertraline is slightly different—as you require a prescription. As long as you’ve visited your physician in the last three years, you’re eligible for this service.

Allow me to take you through this simple process.

  1. Go to the GetRoman premature ejaculation Products official website.
  2. Complete an online questionnaire. This covers any existing medical conditions, current medications, lifestyle and any adverse symptoms you are experiencing.
  3. Upload a picture of yourself and a copy of a government-issued ID. This is required for identification purposes and to obtain a prescription.
  4. A physician qualified to practice in your state will assess your application. If they have any queries, they will contact you directly.
  5. After 24 hours, if accepted, your prescription will be issued.
  6. If you are unsure about the dosage or treatment suggested, you can chat with them online.
  7. Your GetRoman premature ejaculation products are dispatched, and you’ll receive them within two days.
  8. The treatment arrives in discreet packaging with no mentioned of premature ejaculation.
  9. Start enjoying long-lasting intercourse.

Sertraline is delivered monthly. There’s no need to reorder as you’re automatically rebilled and sent the product. However, if you want a break—you can pause, delay or cancel your product by accessing your account online.

Just in case you have any concerns, let me put your mind at rest.

All the physicians working for GetRoman are fully licensed and allowed to prescribe medicine in your state (excluding North Dakota). Naturally, all your information, including health history, remains completely confidential.

These GetRoman premature ejaculation products aren’t available through your health insurance. That being said, it often works out cheaper than visiting your regular doctor.

Get Roman premature ejaculation Products FAQ

“Are the Get Roman premature ejaculation Products Safe to Use?”

Yes. Both the Roman Swipes and sertraline are 100 percent genuine products—not copies. As such they have been approved by the FDA for use.13 14

Furthermore, in the case of sertraline, a licensed physician will ensure that the product is suitable for your premature ejaculation needs and is prescribed at a sufficient dosage.

Always ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding consumption.

Naturally, if you witness any adverse reactions, cease use immediately and consult with your doctor.

“Can I Take More Than Prescribed?”

No. Exceeding the stated dose can be dangerous and lead to adverse health effects.

If you find that your product isn’t delivering the results you require, speak to your online physician.

“Can I Use It With Alcohol?”

Although not recommended, you can use the Roman Swipes after consuming alcohol. However, be aware that alcohol can interfere with sexual function, so don’t overdo it on the drink.

While there are no known adverse reactions consuming sertraline with alcohol, the PDR (prescriber’s digital reference) states that the two should not be mixed.15

“Can I Use GetRoman premature ejaculation Products With Other Medicine?”

Your online doctor will investigate whether sertraline is suitable to use with any existing medication you’re taking. So ensure that you are completely honest in your online application.

For a belt and braces approach—check with your Primary Care Physician as they are aware of your full medical history.

“Will the GetRoman premature ejaculation Products Make My Penis Bigger?”

No. These products are designed to prevent premature ejaculation, not enlarge the size of your member.

“Will the GetRoman premature ejaculation Products Appear on a Drug Test?”

If you’re a competitive athlete, neither the benzocaine nor sertraline compounds are included in the standard drug tests. In fact, USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) actually lists sertraline as a permitted substance.16

Furthermore, both these compounds are legal for medical use—so there will be no issues with the authorities.

“Will Anyone Know If I’m Using GetRoman premature ejaculation Products?”

Not unless you tell them. 

Both the Roman Swipes and the sertraline can be used discreetly without your partner knowing.

However, she may notice a different taste to your penis during oral sex if you’ve applied the wipes.

Furthermore, as the products are delivered in plain packaging, not even your mailman will know that you’re using sexual enhancers.

Alternative Products

We’ve already seen that the GetRoman premature ejaculation products deliver impressive results—both through clinical trials and user testimonials.

However, one of their main competitors on the market is delay sprays. Let’s see how they compare.

Delay Sprays

Generally speaking, delay sprays work in a similar fashion to the Roman Swipes.

As such, they deliver a dose of a local anesthetic to the penis to prevent overstimulation and therefore extend the time to ejaculation.

While some do contain the same active ingredient as the GetRoman product, benzocaine, more frequently, they include lidocaine. Research shows that both of these chemicals are equally effective. 17 18

There may be one plus side to using sprays—in that your hands don’t come into direct contact with the local anesthetic itself. This isn’t the case with the GetRoman wipes.

But that’s about the only advantage.

One of the main problems with the delay sprays is it’s difficult to see how much product you have left available—as it’s hidden in the canister. As the Roman Swipes are individually wrapped—you always know how much remains.

This prevents you from running out of these performance enhancers and means you’re always prepared for long-lasting bedroom athletics.

Furthermore, the delay spray delivery can sometimes be haphazard. Not all of the product will hit your penis unless you apply it extremely carefully.

The GetRoman wipes allow you to apply the benzocaine directly onto your penis. Meaning you can target the areas where you become over stimulated—which can differ between men—such as the underside of the shaft or the glans (head).

Pros of Delay Sprays

  • Numerous administrations contained in one convenient spray bottle.
  • Requires no daily dose of drugs.
  • Few side effects.

Cons of Delay Sprays

  • Administration can be tricky and random.
  • Not suitable for those with severe premature ejaculation issues—sertraline would be more effective.
  • Spray too much, and you may lose sensation in your member.

Other Alternative Service Providers

GetRoman premature ejaculation Products Service Final Verdict

My trigger-happy tallywhacker seemed to have a life of its own. A few short thrusts and it was delivering its semen-rich load before I even had time to begin proper intercourse.

I felt humiliated, down, frustrated and like the world’s worst lover.

Then I discovered the GetRoman premature ejaculation products.

They allowed me to take back control of my lovemaking. After a few doses, I was pounding away like a randy animal—confident that my Johnson wasn’t going to emit its love-juice before I was ready.

My confidence is now off the damn scale. Instead of being afraid of sex—I’m instigating it as often as possible—to the point where my partner is pleading for a reprieve.

I’m a goddamn machine.

Bro, I know there are other treatments out there on the market—but I think nothing compares to the GetRoman premature ejaculation products.

Dispatched to your door, with no embarrassing doctor conversations, it’s simple and convenient. Plus, the results they deliver, combined with the insanely competitive pricing, means it’s a no-brainer.

Be like me. If premature ejaculation is an issue—head over to the GetRoman website and retake control.


Erectile Dysfunction

Get Roman Subscription Based ED Meds Review

I experienced symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED), defined as the persistent inability to attain and maintain a penile erection satisfactory for sexual intercourse, over a 2-week period. Despite manual and oral sexual stimulation, my penis failed to become turgid, instead remaining flaccid, reminiscent of an uninflated balloon.

This engendered feelings of abasement and diminished masculinity. Per epidemiological studies, ED affects approximately 30 million men in the United States, with prevalence increasing from 5% at age 40 years to 15-25% by age 65 years. It constitutes the most prevalent male sexual health issue.

Seeking an efficacious solution before the unreliability caused relationship disruption, I discovered an online erectile dysfunction treatment called GetRoman.

GetRoman provides sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient in Viagra, following an online clinician consultation. In randomized controlled trials, sildenafil demonstrates robust efficacy for ED with a favorable safety profile.

After procuring sildenafil from GetRoman, I achieved satisfactory penile rigidification and improved sexual experience. I am availing this opportunity to share my favorable experience with accessible online ED treatment through a legitimate telehealth platform, GetRoman ED. For many men, such services may represent the ideal way to obtain evidence-based ED medication discreetly, affordably, and with proper clinical oversight.

What Is GetRoman ED?

Let me get the ball rolling in this GetRoman ED Pills Review with a quick overview of this life-saving product.

Zachariah Reitano founded the Roman company after suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) himself.

He wanted a simple process that could allow men with similar issues to solve their problems—without the embarrassment and stigma that visiting the doctor can involve.

The truth is—failure to achieve a hard penis is extremely common.

Experts tell us that by the age of 50 years—half of us guys will experience this demeaning problem.1

What separates GetRoman ED pills from the whole host of impotence-beating products available is twofold. They provide the two most effective erection pills on the market—sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis)—without having to visit your physician.2 3

This subscription-based service requires you to answer a few questions online—and your pills are sent to your doorstep.

Suitable for most men (depending on medical history) over the age of 18, GetRoman ED pills are ideal for guys who:

  • Have problems attaining or maintaining an erection.
  • Demand a harder and longer-lasting boner.
  • Find speaking to their doctor about penile issues embarrassing.
  • Want the convenience of home delivery.

Can GetRoman ED Pills Help With Premature Ejaculation?


However, Roman, the company behind the ED pills, provides a sister-service which also delivers premature ejaculation treatments to your door.

GetRoman ED Product/Service Options

I briefly mentioned above in this GetRoman ED review that you can have the choice of two different pills—sildenafil and tadalafil.

Every guy has heard of these two proven treatments, most likely under their brand names of Viagra and Cialis. Roman offers these products in both branded and generic forms—which can affect cost.

However, I’ll touch on those specifics later in this GetRoman ED review.

Firstly, let’s look at their function.

In many ways, their physiological action is very similar. 

Both sildenafil and tadalafil inhibit PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5)—enzymes that can prevent erection attainment. Furthermore, they elevate the efficacy of nitric oxide (thus leading to more blood in the penis—and a harder member).4

So, which one should you choose?

The key separating factor between these two treatments is their half-lives. In other words, how long they remain active within your body. Tadalafil has a long half-life of 17.5 hours, whereas sildenafil is much shorter at just four hours.5

Selecting your type depends on your requirements and current sexual circumstances.

Sildenafil needs to be ingested shortly before intercourse. Hence, as long as you know your penis is going to be called into action soon, and you have the opportunity to take it discreetly, this pill is ideal.

However, if you have a feeling sex may occur, but are unsure when, tadalafil may be more appealing—as you can swallow it up to 17 hours before sex.

For example, if you’re off to a bar—unless you remain there for more than 17 hours—your member will always be ready to stand to the occasion. Although that doesn’t mean you constantly have an erection—it still requires stimulation to become firm.

Let me give you the pros and cons of each in this GetRoman ED pills review.



  • Research shows slightly better results than tadalafil.6
  • Faster acting than tadalafil.
  • Suitable for men who know they will have sex soon.


  • Short half-life of about four hours.
  • Its strength may be lowered if a high-fat meal is consumed.7
  • May induce a blocked nose.8
  • Not as useful as tadalafil if you expect sex throughout the day.



  • Useful for guys who always want to be ready for action.
  • More popular with men experiencing erectile dysfunction than sildenafil.9
  • Food consumption doesn’t affect its power.


  • Not as well-known as sildenafil.
  • Carries a higher risk for other drug interactions than sildenafil.
  • May induce face redness.

What Does GetRoman ED Promise?

As indicated above in this GetRoman ED review, the active compounds in the pills are scientifically proven and have helped thousands of men with their erectile issues.

Yet, what does the manufacturer, Roman, claim about these products?

Here are their promises:

Increases Erectile Attainment

It’s possibly the most demeaning and emasculating issue in the bedroom. 

Failure to rise to the occasion means both you and your partner are unable to participate in satisfying intercourse—which can place stress on relationships.

Furthermore, if this is a common occurrence, it may lead to anxiety and depression—which impact on your life, in and out of the bedroom.

Using GetRoman ED pills enables you to enjoy strong and firm erections. Leading to the benefits of:

  • Being ready for intercourse when the occasion arises.
  • No surgery or injections required.
  • Promoting confidence.
  • Lowering anxiety.

Extends Erection Duration

There’s little point enjoying a mighty member if it loses interest halfway through sex.

What I want to stress in this GetRoman ED review is not only do these pills provide an erection—but they also maintain it. This results in more pleasurable, satisfying and longer-lasting intercourse.

Provides Constant Support

I’m pleased to indicate in this GetRoman ED review that to the company—you’re not just a number.

Should you have any queries about your medication, you can speak to a licensed physician online via phone call, messaging or even video chat.

Delivers to Your Door

As I mentioned earlier in this GetRoman ED review, the CEO, Zachariah Reitano, founded the company to allow every guy to obtain erection treatment without any fuss.

He understands that for many guys, discussing below-the-belt issues with a doctor or pharmacist can be embarrassing. Leading many men to decide against solving the problem and living with this issue.

GetRoman ED pills are delivered directly to your door—no visiting the drugstore. What’s more, all interactions with physicians are conducted online—through typing. You only need to speak on the phone if that’s your choice.

GetRoman ED Pills Results

Let me be blunt in this GetRoman ED Review—you want sex now, but your equipment isn’t playing ball.

Some alternative treatments can take weeks to show any effects, as the active compounds build up in your body. While they may be fairly worthwhile—they will not address the problem fast enough.

GetRoman is different.

The day that you take the pills is the day that your penis reawakens and is ready for a between the sheets marathon. Whichever of the two forms of GetRoman you select, your waiting time is minimal—around 30 minutes for sildenafil and 90-120 minutes for tadalafil.

The GetRoman before and after results are mind-blowing.

Previously, your member was unenthusiastic, limp and an embarrassment. After using GetRoman ED pills, your Johnson is a towering column.

You’ll find that this new-found ability to attain a solid penis increases your confidence. This leads to you wanting sex more and powering through for longer in every session.

Furthermore, it’s not all about you.

Having an iron-piston-like member means that your partner gets to enjoy long-lasting and deep, hard intercourse.

GetRoman ED Customer Testimonials

Soon in this GetRoman ED review, I’ll reveal my personal experiences of this product. But, first allow me to disclose what other users are saying:

“You guys are incredible. My office is just around the corner from you, and I hope you appreciate unexpected drop-ins because GetRoman has changed my life. I can’t thank you all enough. Thank you all again and here’s to a healthy manhood.”

“Talking about taking medications is just not something I’m horribly comfortable with…that and picking the medication up from the pharmacy where I know the pharmacists there. This company provides a much-needed service. I just want to take this brief moment to say thank you.”

“The Sildenafil began taking effect within 30-45 minutes, allowed for a successful and enjoyable experience and l was able to maintain a constant erection throughout the experience and for approximately 5-10 minutes afterward. As for side effects, nothing.”

“I am amazed at how effective these pills are…beyond my expectations…I am able to have and enjoy sexual intercourse for the first time in years…Thank you very much for this service!!”

 “This program has seriously helped me with something I never thought I’d feel comfortable addressing. So thanks for the work you’re doing.”

How Does It Feel?

At the beginning of this GetRoman ED review, I explained that I stumbled across this product looking for a solution to my erection issues.

The results I experienced prompted me to write this article.

The problem was, my erection issues made me feel down and alone. I was unable to share my problem with my buddies—thinking it would lead to me being the butt of their jokes at the bar. 

Furthermore, I was cynical about the whole male enhancement market.

Let’s face it—type in erection pills into Google, and you’re going to see hundreds of different products—the majority could be scams.

Nevertheless, desperate, I took the plunge with GetRoman ED pills. From the moment the mailman delivered it to my door—I knew things were on the up.

It arrived in plain packaging, anyone could easily mistake it as an innocent book purchase from Amazon. Nowhere on the sealed bag did it shout Powerful Penis Pills. Furthermore, it included information on safe use—and how to achieve the best effects.

I could wait no longer. My partner was at work, but I thought—what the hell, let’s give this bad boy a try.

After reading the directions, I popped a pill (sildenafil). Thirty minutes later and I started self-stimulation.

Buddy, I felt phenomenal.

For the first time in years, my Johnson responded by springing into action. This previously lazy and limp member was now standing proud and rock-solid.

I couldn’t believe that for so long I had been struggling with penis issues—and now just one pill had made this all a memory.

The following day—I went for the big one—intercourse.

It may have been the best sex I’ve ever experienced.

My member was like a beast. It felt like an animal pulling on its leash—demanding to enter my partner. 

Once inside—I was in ecstasy. I don’t know precisely the reason, perhaps the increase in blood flow, but the sensations I felt were off the scale. Every hip thrust delivered electrifying pleasure throughout my body.

What’s more, it wasn’t just me obtaining serious gratification—my partner was writhing in orgasmic delight. I guess for her, finally feeling a seriously rock-hard Johnson inside, hit all the right areas.

Even when I slowed the pace down during intimate moments—my penis remained consistently firm.

In short—GetRoman ED pills made me feel like a sexual machine.

GetRoman ED Review Side Effects and Complaints

I’ve explained in this GetRoman ED review that I’m thoroughly impressed with this product, but I wondered—do other guys feel the same way?

For balance, I searched long and hard for user’s complaints—I found very few.

In all cases, the issues were not about the efficacy of the product but other related problems.

One guy complained that he had to go through the process of obtaining a prescription online. Well, sildenafil and tadalafil are prescription drugs. Obtain them any other way, and they’ll be illegal and possible fake products.

Another user indicated that GetRoman doesn’t accept payment through an insurance company.

But that was as negative as I could find.

Encountering side effects using GetRoman is unlikely. Those susceptible to issues are usually identified prior to use through the online health check system. 

Yet, as with all medications, there are some risks of adverse reactions—depending on the drug itself.

I’ll use this section of this GetRoman ED review to list the common side effects of both forms of this product:

Sildenafil Side Effects

  • Headaches and migraines (16% of men).10
  • Facial flushing (10%).
  • Blocked nose (4%).
  • Indigestion and heartburn (3%).
  • Back pain (3%).
  • Vertigo (3%).
  • Muscle pain (2%).
  • Nausea (2%).
  • Altered vision (1%).
  • Skin rash (1%).
  • Bladder pain.11
  • Itchy skin.
  • Increased frequency of urination.
  • Stomach discomfort.

Tadalafil Side Effects

  • Headaches (15.8% of men).12
  • Indigestion (11.8%).
  • Nasopharyngitis (11.4%).
  • Back pain (8.2%).
  • Muscle pain.13 
  • Facial flushing.14
  • Stomach discomfort.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Memory problems.
  • Nausea.
  • Lowered blood pressure.
  • Vertigo.
  • Blurred vision and altered color perception.
  • Prolonged erections.

GetRoman ED Packaging and Pricing

I know what you’re thinking reading this GetRoman ED review—sounds good, but how much does it cost?

Let me take you through the variety of options:


Dose Price (per dose)

20 mg $2

40 mg $4

60 mg $6

80 mg $8

100 mg $10

Generic Viagra (sildenafil)

Dose Price (per dose)

25 mg $34

50 mg $34

100 mg $34

Branded Viagra (sildenafil) Cost

Dose Price (per dose)

25mg $70

50mg $70

100mg $70

Generic Cialis Cost (tadalafil)

Dose Price (per dose)

2.5 mg $11

5 mg $11

10 mg $44

20 mg $44

Daily Cialis $240 monthly for 2.5 mg or 5mg

Branded Cialis Cost

Dose Price (per dose)

2.5 mg $17

5 mg $17

10 mg $69

20 mg $69

Daily Cialis $390 monthly for 2.5mg / 5mg

Just a quick note in this GetRoman ED Pills review.

These prices are just a guide. When you speak online to your physician and select your use and shipment frequency, prices may vary slightly.

Looking at the options above, the choice may seem a little imposing. Don’t worry—it’s simpler than it first appears.

First, make your choice between sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis). If you’re comfortable taking a pill around thirty minutes before sex—select sildenafil. However, if you want the versatility of being ready all day and just want to pop a tablet in the morning, pick tadalafil.

Secondly, the dosage. This will be measured by your online physician. However, if you find the dose doesn’t deliver the results you expect—or they’re too intense—you can then message them to discuss altering the quantity.

Thirdly, the volume. Naturally, only you know how often you’re likely to have sex, but bear two things in mind:

  • Don’t under order—if you reach for a tablet and all you find is an empty packet—you could be disappointed.
  • Improved erectile function may encourage you to indulge in sex more frequently.

Finally, branded or generic. 

Clinically speaking, the results will be the same—as both branded and generic products contain the same active ingredients.

However, the differences are:

  • Generic products lack the distinctive shape and appearance of branded.
  • Pfizer manufactures Viagra, Lilly makes Cialis—any pharma can produce generic products.
  • Branded products are more expensive than generic.

Where to Buy GetRoman ED Pills?

Take my advice in this GetRoman ED review—only purchase this product from the official website.

As they are the only retailer selling the official pills—if you see them anywhere else, they’re likely to be fake—leaving you disappointed.

Currently, GetRoman ED pills are only available in the US and ship to all states except North Dakota.

When you make your purchase, you’re given access online to My Ro Portal. This allows you to control your shipment frequency and/or cancel them.

If you find your product arrives with the wrong type or at an incorrect dosage—you can return for a refund. However, if the GetRoman ED pills are correct—there’s no return policy.

How GetRoman ED Works 

I’ve already mentioned in this GetRoman ED review that these products require a prescription. Hence, the ordering process may at first seem a little unusual.

Let me take you through it.

  1. Head to the official GetRoman ED website.
  2. Complete an online form. This explores your medical history, lifestyle and any symptoms you are experiencing at the moment.
  3. Provide a copy of a government-issued ID and another photo clearly showing your face.
  4. Supply a blood pressure reading. If you haven’t had a pressure check within the last six months—you can obtain an up to date measure through either visiting a clinic or pharmacy or purchasing a home-kit.
  5. You will connect with an online physician to discuss your personalized treatment. This service is available 24/7.
  6. After a prescription is issued (within 24 hours), your medications are shipped to your door within two days (completely free).

Depending on your plan choice, you will receive your GetRoman pills either monthly or quarterly. This is usually rebilled automatically, so you don’t have to order every few weeks.

Alternatively, by accessing your account online, you can choose to pause, delay or cancel deliveries. If you wish you can also switch to an on-demand service without rebilling.

It’s worth remembering in this GetRoman ED review that buying these pills in this manner is entirely legal. All the physicians working for Roman are licensed to both treat patients and prescribe medication in your particular state (except North Dakota). Furthermore, any information you give to these doctors remains completely confidential.

You may be wondering—can I get GetRoman ED pills through my health insurance?

Unfortunately, no.

However, the budget-friendly prices offered on the official website often mean it’s a cheaper option than visiting your doctor and driving to a pharmacy.

GetRoman ED Pills FAQ

“Is GetRoman ED Safe to Use?”


A licensed doctor will check your medical history and lifestyle through the online platform. This ensures that this product is suitable for your particular needs and requirements.

Both sildenafil and tadalafil are approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). However, earlier in this GetRoman review, I explained in some circumstances, they can induce side effects. 15 16

If you witness any adverse reactions, cease use and consult with your physician.

“How to Take GetRoman ED Pills?”

Usually, sildenafil is taken 30-60 minutes before intercourse and tadalafil two hours prior to sex.

However, your online physician will advise on the exact dosage you require and how to use them. 

“Can I Take More GetRoman ED Pills Than Prescribed?”

If you find that the results from GetRoman aren’t as impressive as you would like—consult with your online doctor.

He or she may agree to you taking more than one pill or recommend changing the dosage for your next order.

However, under no circumstances, self-prescribe your dose.

“Can I Use GetRoman ED Pills With Alcohol?”

A quick word of warning in this GetRoman ED review.

If you consume alcohol while using erectile dysfunction pills—the risk of experiencing side effects from sildenafil and tadalafil increases. 

Additionally, while having a few drinks before sex may relax you and elevate your libido—too much can be counterproductive for satisfying intercourse. It may reduce penile sensation, prevent erection attainment or turn you into slurring beer-smelling mess.

All that being said, a few drinks now and again isn’t harmful. Try not to exceed two 12-ounce beers, a couple of shots of liquor or two six-ounce glasses of wine per day. 

“Can I Use GetRoman ED Pills With Other Medicine?”

Your online physician will discuss your current medications to see if they are likely to react alongside the GetRoman ED pills.

However, personally, I would suggest talking about this with your Primary Care Doctor before using sildenafil or tadalafil alongside other drugs. They are in an ideal position to offer advice as they understand your full medical history.

“Will GetRoman ED Pills Make My Penis Bigger?”

Possibly—however only when erect.

Let’s face the truth in this GetRoman ED review—despite what you may read online—no pills are going to make a flaccid penis longer or thicker. In the same way, you can’t take a tablet to make you taller.

However, the active ingredients in GetRoman ED pills act to dilate the vascular system engorging your penis with blood. The more of this you have in your member, the larger, stronger and thicker it appears.

“Will GetRoman ED Pills Show up on My Drug Test?”

Typically, the two forms of GetRoman ED—tadalafil and sildenafil—aren’t included in regular drug tests.

However, even if they do return a positive result—they’re completely legal for medical use when prescribed by a physician.

“Can I Mix Sildenafil and Tadalafil GetRoman ED Pills Together?”

Definitely not.

Consuming both forms at the same time could cause serious side effects. So, when you purchase pills from the official GetRoman website, you can only select one type.

However, some users find that one form is more effective for their personal physiologies than the other. Hence, if you find that your results aren’t as dramatic as you would like, speak to your online physician regarding switching compounds.

Alternative Products

For total transparency in this GetRoman ED review, I have to state that there are alternative products online for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Let’s forget about any of the illegal products and stick to those that can be obtained without the risk of imprisonment and are sold by reputable manufacturers.

One of the most popular and widely available of these erection-builders are natural treatments. Let’s see how they stack up against GetRoman ED pills.

Male Enhancement Pills (Herbal)

These products come under a variety of brand names. The main ways in which they differ from GetRoman ED pills are that they:

  • Are made from natural products—not synthetics which manufacturers have formulated in a lab.
  • Address numerous areas of male sexual enhancement—erectile dysfunction, libido, energy, stamina and premature ejaculation.
  • Can be obtained without a prescription.
  • Could lack scientific research for efficacy.
  • Take longer to address the issue of erectile dysfunction than GetRoman ED pills.
  • May be wholly useless and contain nothing but placebos or “traditional” treatments.

It’s these last two issues that are important to address. 

Many of the active compounds in herbal male enhancement pills require a long time to take effect. The results are cumulative, with small gains being made in all departments every day.

However, with GetRoman ED pills, they will provide immediate improvements (within 30-120 minutes). You don’t have to wait for weeks to see returns.

Secondly, I need to state in this GetRoman ED review that there are some phenomenal male enhancement herbal pills. The best examples in the market contain nothing but ingredients that are scientifically proven to improve sex drive, endurance and penile firmness.

Unfortunately, there are also examples that will have no researched compounds, or if they do, are vastly underdosed.

Overall, male enhancement pills are good—but not amazing. They suit guys who maybe just want a little kick-start in all areas of their sexual health but don’t require the potency and incredible results that prescription pills, like GetRoman, can provide.

Pros of Male Enhancement Pills

  • Address more than one area of sexual function.
  •  Are available over the counter.
  • Completely natural.
  • Don’t require a prescription.
  • Have few side effects.

 Cons of Male Enhancement Pills

  • Not as powerful as GetRoman ED pills.
  • May lack scientific backing, unlike the compounds in GetRoman.
  • Slow-acting.
  • Sold as dietary supplements—the FDA will not have approved them for treatment of medical issues.
  • Need to be taken every day to witness results—GetRoman ED Pills are taken on the very day you want sex.

Other Alternatives

We have also put together a comprehensive Hims vs Roman vs BlueChew review article, so you can compare all these products yourself.

GetRoman ED Pills Review Final Verdict

The lack of enthusiasm that my member displayed was ruining my sex-life, causing me stress and making me look a fool in front of my partner.

The truth is, this is a common occurrence.

With one in every two guys experiencing erectile dysfunction—it’s surprising that it’s not talked about more in bars and locker rooms across the country.

But, we don’t speak about it, do we?

What’s more, many of us are embarrassed or scared to explain the situation to our physicians to try and solve the issue.

Yet GetRoman ED pills turned that on its head.

You can obtain these powerful and prescription-only pills without speaking to anyone face-to-face.

What’s more, unlike their herbal enhancement competitors, GetRoman ED works almost immediately. Allowing you to utilize a rock-hard member within minutes of the product landing on your doorstep.

Furthermore, the multitude of pricing options means this can be incredibly easy on the wallet.

The bottom line in this GetRoman ED review:

If you want the masculinity-boosting feeling that only an enormous and solid member can provide—my advice is to use GetRoman.


Erectile Dysfunction

Hims Performance Anxiety Propranolol Review

I was terrified of my partner instigating sex. Every time she suggested it—I would manufacture some lame excuse.

The issue was—I felt like a useless lover.

A couple of recent premature ejaculation issues—combined with the fact that she wasn’t orgasming as often—made me feel inadequate.

I was now so damn nervous that my member would remain limp—even if I agreed to get down and dirty—ruining my life and relationship.

Luckily, I stumbled on the ForHims Performance Anxiety products—turning me from a neurotic nutcase into a formidable sexual powerhouse.

I’ll reveal their life-changing power in this ForHims Performance Anxiety Products service review.

What Is ForHims?

Back in 2017, Andrew Dudham founded ForHims—but this wasn’t just yet another online sex-product retailer.

Dudham understood the two main issues with male sexual health:

  • Most guys are too embarrassed to speak to their doctor about their intercourse-related problems—meaning they were unable to obtain effective treatments.
  • Instead, they searched online—purchasing ‘miracle pills’ that were unproven by science and worked little better than placebos.

Hence, Andrew Dudham started ForHims—an online resource where men could obtain prescription-only—and effective—medications without having to reveal their sex-life to a physician.

What’s more—these products are delivered to your door—every month.

The ForHims PA products address a common problem in male sexual health—performance anxiety (PA).

This is when you’re so concerned about your upcoming sexual performance—that it has a direct effect on your lovemaking prowess.

Its causes are numerous, but the primary reasons are:

  • Body image—feeling that your lack of muscles, weight, height and penis size makes you unattractive to women.1
  • Previous sexual disappointments—failure to achieve an erection or early climax can make you scared of the situation recurring.
  • Concerns that their partner will not orgasm.2
  • Excessive porn consumption—making you feel you’re inadequate in every downstairs department.3

The ForHims PA products help to alleviate these concerns—by inhibiting the stress response and allow you to perform at optimum levels between the sheets.

The main product they provide is propranolol—a beta-blocker that doctors prescribe for musicians, actors and people who are nervous in social situations.4

There is some evidence that sertraline—another medication sold by ForHims to treat premature ejaculation—may also improve anxiety symptoms. However, this is required to be taken on a long-term basis to yield any results—and is not retailed by ForHims for this purpose.5 

The ForHims Performance Anxiety products are suitable for any guy over the age of 18, who:

  • Is nervous before intercourse.
  • Feels insecure when naked.
  • Believes their penis is too small.
  • Worries that their partner isn’t satisfied.
  • Has concerns about premature ejaculation and impotence.
  • Thinks they’re a useless lover.

Can It Help With Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation?


While not the only reason, research shows that performance anxiety induces both premature ejaculation (PE) and erectile dysfunction (ED).6 7

In these cases, it’s possibly the best treatment—as you’re directly addressing the cause—not the symptoms. Let’s face it, there’s little fun in sporting a rock-hard boner and lasting for hours if you’re still as nervous as hell.

Furthermore, studies indicate that preventing performance anxiety can increase libido.8

However, the origins of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation may have nothing to do with performance anxiety whatsoever. In these circumstances, ForHims offer alternative ED and PE treatments.

Pros of Propranolol

  • Clinically-proven to have a positive effect on performance anxiety.
  • Indiscreet—not obvious application of gels, condoms or other sundries.
  • Only requires taking a pill before sex—not every day.
  • Will elevate confidence, performance and increase the sense of masculinity.
  • Few side effects.

Cons of Propranolol

  • Will not improve ED and PE caused by physiological issues.
  • Requires a prescription.
  • May turn you into a demanding and insatiable screwing behemoth.

How Does ForHims PA Products Work?

The ForHims PA products include the mighty propranolol.

This medication is a beta-blocker—that is, it blocks the receptors in the body which react to adrenaline (epinephrine) and noradrenaline (norepinephrine).9

Listen up.

When you experience performance anxiety—your body releases two key hormones—adrenaline and cortisol.10 11

The adrenaline causes the body to redirect blood away from non-essential areas (it doesn’t consider your penis as important) and moves it to the heart. Cortisol narrows your blood vessels, reducing the amount of blood going to your Johnson.

Hence not only are you nervous—your penis decides to go on strike or malfunction—elevating stress and worry even further.

Here’s the good news.

By blocking the adrenaline receptors, propranolol takes away these physical responses. This calms your heart, stabilizes your breathing, and, most importantly—allows your tallywhacker to function correctly.

What Does ForHims PA Products Promise?

This is what the company behind ForHims PA products claim it can do:

Lowers Symptoms of Anxiety

Whether you’re about to make love or make a presentation to the board of directors at work—if you’re anxious—the outward symptoms are awful.

It can lead to a rapid heartbeat, hand tremors, shaky voice and profuse perspiration.

Ok, it’s one thing in a work situation—but if you’re between the sheets with a hottie, it can be highly embarrassing. No one wants to get down to serious bedroom action with a sweaty and panicky mess.

The ForHims Perfromance Anxiety Products can take away these symptoms—allowing you to be a master between the sheets.

Inhibits Erectile Dysfunction

An iron-like, proud-standing phallus is the ultimate symbol of masculinity—whereas a pathetic, small and limp penis is the total opposite.

As already seen in this ForHims Performance Anxiety products review—performance anxiety has both physiological and psychological implications for your member—preventing it from becoming erect.

Their leading product, propranolol, allows your equipment to function at optimum levels. Not only does a concrete pillar of a Johnson look seriously impressive—it will enable you to both receive and deliver phenomenal pleasure.

Elevates Confidence

With no anxiety and an immense and solid penis—your confidence will skyrocket.

This means that no longer will you be dreading sex—you will want it as often as damn possible.

What’s more, a confident lover is a powerful lover.

You’ll feel more experimental, domineering and masculine—making your girl thank the stars she found the ultimate orgasm provider in the state.

No Visits to the Doctor or Drugstore

Admitting to yourself that you have an issue in the pants department is tough enough. Declaring this to your physician and filling them in on all the awkward details is a nightmare.

Here’s the truth.

The showcase drug, propranolol, can only be used on prescription. Usually, this would mean getting in your car, driving to the health center, and telling a complete stranger about your inadequacies.

With the ForHims PA products—you complete it all online.

Just answer a few simple questions, an online physician checks propranolol is suitable for your symptoms and issues a prescription.

Within a few days—your treatment is delivered discreetly to your home.

ForHims Performance Anxiety Products Results

So, you’ve been suffering from performance anxiety for a while. Finally, you decide to be proactive and do something about it.

The last thing you want to hear is that the meds are going to take weeks or months to have any effect. This can lead you to consider the whole process futile and decide to save your money instead.

It’s not the case with the ForHims PA products.

As soon as the parcel arrives at your door—pop a pill, and you’re nearly ready for action.

Generally speaking, the propranolol takes effect within 30-60 minutes of consumption—although your online physician may give alternative instructions dependent on your individual situation.

Furthermore, many users report that the longer they use propranolol—the more impressive the effects.

ForHims PA Products Customer Testimonials

The ForHims PA products turned me from a nervous guy who was afraid of sex into a confident and libido-bursting sexual powerhouse.

But is that the case across the board?

To check the pills weren’t just having a placebo effect—I researched other user’s experiences.

Here is what other guys had to say:

“As we age, men sometimes need a little help doing the things that earlier in life were effortless. This can cause shame and a little self-loathing, both of which are completely unnecessary when ForHims can help you out! No more embarrassment, no more blushing asking your doctor for options. This site is for men!”


“I suffer from performance anxiety with new sex partners, and ForHims turned that around first try. I went from not being able to seal the deal from potential embarrassment to a whole new level of confidence. 5/5, no doubt.”


“I took a leap of faith, and I tried the program. I admit now that I was completely wrong. Thanks to ForHims, my lovemaking has gone through the roof, I’m a hundred percent more confident in myself, and I feel like the man I should be. I can’t thank them enough for everything they’ve done for me. This is a game-changer and a lifesaver.”


“I have found ForHims to be a great service with the ability to be discreet yet thorough. The newsletters are very good with great information for men to better understand our options when it comes to men’s issues.”


“I found the process easy and efficient. I spoke with a doctor, answered questions, and given a prescription. I found the medication to work very well. Will continue with service. Already recommended to a friend.”


How Does It Feel?

My friend, let me tell you what happened.

I’ve never really been the most confident lover in the world. I guess that being slightly overweight didn’t help—always concerned that girls would be turned off by my somewhat rotund stomach.

That said, I’ve had numerous partners and some damn intense and gratifying sessions. It’s just that I always had some reservations before lovemaking.

With my current girlfriend—the sex was always good. Ok, not mind-blowing, but satisfying for both parties, lengthy and usually ended in a climax for both of us.

But then it began to go downhill.

It started with a couple of sessions in the space of five days when I came within about three minutes. For me, this was highly unusual. I’ve no idea of the cause—stress, tiredness or overstimulation. All I know is that afterward, I felt an immense sense of embarrassment.

And it played on my mind.

For the following days, whether at work, watching TV or eating dinner—my mind was constantly returning to my early cumming. And then when my partner did her usual pre-sex routine of kissing my ear—I froze.

Bro, I was petrified.

I was scared of my eager Johnson letting me down again and spilling its load within seconds. Yet, that didn’t turn out to be the problem. Instead, the old fella simply failed to stir into action. It remained limp and flaccid despite my girlfriend’s mouth and hand action.

This became par for the course. Before sex, I would worry—and then my penis refused to become erect. In desperation, I tried the ForHims PA products.

It was a revelation.

I took my first ever propranolol pill 60 minutes before intercourse. I was highly cynical—how can this tiny and straightforward tablet make any difference to my Johnson?

That skepticism was misplaced.

Even before I went down to business—I was feeling calmer. Yet when I hit the bedroom, the results were insane.

As my partner went down on me—unusually, my muscles didn’t tense into a state of rigidity. My heart wasn’t racing, and the tell-tale forehead sweating was absent. It took a few seconds before I noticed the more significant change—my girlfriend had my rock hard boner between her lips.

My damn Johnson was working again. The relief was tremendous—further alleviating my anxiety and allowing me to relax even further.

I had to put this old and welcome friend to use.

As I penetrated my girlfriend—the sensations were like mini-orgasms in themselves. With the stress and worry gone—I could concentrate solely on the feelings that sex generated.

The lovemaking was prolonged, vigorous and passionate—I felt like a goddam sex guru.

Today, I continue to use the ForHims PA products—if anything, the results have become even more astonishing.

ForHims Performance Anxiety Products Side Effects and Complaints

From my own experience of the ForHims PA products—and the phenomenal customer testimonials above—this is a seriously effective performance anxiety treatment.

Yet, it can’t all be this positive, right?

For a fair and balanced review—I searched for customers who weren’t happy with the product or the service they received. Reassuringly, I located only a few small examples.

One guy complained that the product included a small disposable bag—which he considered wasteful. Another found the website a little ‘clunky.’ Apart from that, there’s nothing else to report.

It’s interesting to note that these complaints are purely extraneous—and don’t relate to the efficacy of the ForHims PA products.

However, there is something I need to declare.

In rare cases, using propranolol may cause some side effects. The most common of these are:

  • Low blood pressure (1 to 10% of users).12
  • Fatigue (1 to 10%).
  • Hallucinations (0.3%).13
  • Dizziness (0.1%).
  • Paresthesia (0.1%).
  • Renal insufficiency (0.1%).
  • Bronchospasm (0.1%).
  • Hypoglycemia (0.1%).
  • Psoriasis (0.1%).
  • Eye disturbances (0.1%).

ForHims Performance Anxiety Products and Service Packages and Pricing

You’d expect that for a treatment this effective—the ForHims PA products are going to break the bank.

Luckily, they won’t.

The online physician will personally tailor your prescription, quantity, and recommended dosage for your requirements. However, as a general guide, here are the costs.

Propranolol One month’s supply (five pills at 20 mg each) $25.00 per month

Ensure that when you complete your online questionnaire, you are completely honest about your symptoms—this enables the physician to suggest the correct treatment and timing for your needs.

Where to Buy ForHims Performance Anxiety Products

When you’ve decided that the ForHims PA products are the answer to your performance anxiety issues—only purchase them from the official ForHims website.

If you find another company online claiming to sell them—get outta there. You can only obtain these treatments from the official website.

Buying from an alternative source means taking the gamble of:

  • Not receiving a genuine product.
  • Buying pills that are ineffective or dangerous.
  • Making an illegal purchase—these pills require a prescription, if they don’t offer this service, they’re breaking the law.
  • Obtaining treatment without first having your symptoms scrutinized by a professional physician.

Currently, the ForHims PA products are only available in the USA. Due to current state laws on telemedicines—some areas are unfortunately excluded from online prescription sales. Hence, check on the official website to ensure that your home state is included. If so, you can enjoy free shipping.

Just a quick point:

As a prescription-based service, each order is made for your own specific requirements. So, there are no returns or refunds if you change your mind. However, should your product arrive damaged, or with the wrong medication, ForHims will issue a refund.

How ForHims PA Products Work

You’ll recall that during this ForHims PA products article, I’ve mentioned that you need to complete a questionnaire and obtain a prescription.

Don’t take this as a negative.

Firstly, the process is simple and only takes a few minutes. Secondly, it provides reassurance that you’re in good hands and will receive a genuine and effective treatment.

Here’s the whole procedure:

  1. Head on over to the official ForHims website.
  2. Select performance anxiety products.
  3. Click try today.
  4. Enter your full personal details.
  5. Upload a copy of a government-issued ID together with a recent photo of your whole face.
  6. Select either monthly or quarterly deliveries—the choice is yours.
  7. Fill out the online medical questionnaire. It will ask you about any current medications you’re using, your medical history, and the symptoms of your performance anxiety.
  8. A certified online physician will examine the information which you have completed—checking that the treatment you’ve chosen is suitable for your symptoms.
  9. Should the doctor have any further questions, they will contact you through the ForHims online messaging portal—it’s encrypted for your security.
  10. Alternatively, if you have any queries, you can speak directly to a physician online through the text-based message program.
  11. When the online doctor has examined your details, they will issue a prescription and then ship your products. Delivery is usually within just a few days.
  12. Your performance anxiety treatment will arrive at your home in a brown, unbranded corrugated box.
  13. Open your delivery, knock back a pill and start your worry-free lovemaking.

Easy, right? It gets better.

The process is subscription-based. Hence, every month or quarter, you will receive your pills. There’s no need to remember to log on every few weeks to reorder.

So, you’re always guaranteed to have your treatment readily available for sex—you aren’t going to miss out on any orgasmic opportunities.

Additionally, if for some reason, you have a surplus of pills—or find that you no longer need them—adjusting your order is pain-free.

Through your online account, you can cancel, postpone or snooze your order with a few clicks. No phone calls or hoops to jump through. The only requirement is that if you need to adjust your order—please provide ForHims with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice before your meds are scheduled to be dispatched.

ForHims consider privacy to be of utmost importance—hence the encrypted message portal. Furthermore, they will not share your medical details with anyone else—they remain purely between you and the online doctor. 

And, there are no issues with the law.

The medications are only shipped once a doctor has issued a prescription. This is unlike many dubious websites that promise these pills without the required professional sign-off.

You cannot obtain ForHims PA products under your medical insurance. But since they’re sold at around 50-80% less than the standard retail price—they’re genuinely budget-friendly.

ForHims PA Products FAQ

“Is ForHims PA Products Safe to Use?”


Propranolol is approved for use by the FDA. Furthermore, you will only receive this product if a physician considers it suitable for your symptoms and after issuing a prescription.13

In rare cases, propranolol may cause minor adverse reactions. If, after taking the medication, you notice any concerning side effects, cease use and consult with your doctor.

“How to Take ForHims PA Products?”

As a rule of thumb with propranolol, take one tablet (20 mg) with water, 30-60 minutes before intercourse.

However, your online physician may have tailored your prescription differently—depending on your needs and current circumstances. Hence, always consult the directions which come with your pills and adhere to those.

“Can I Take More ForHims PA Products Than Prescribed?”

An emphatic, no!

Exceeding the prescribed dose may lead to an increased chance of developing side effects—or even have negative implications for your health.

If you discover that the ForHims PA products don’t provide an improvement to your sexual issues—consult with the online doctor. They may decide to increase the dose or try alternative treatments.

“Can I Use ForHims PA Products With Alcohol?”

ForHims say that propranolol should not be used with alcohol—as it may leave you feeling lightheaded and sleepy.

“Can I Use ForHims PA Products With Other Medicine?”

When you complete your online questionnaire, ensure that you are completely honest about any current medications you are using. This is because propranolol can interact with other prescription-based meds.

It’s especially important if you’re taking:

  • Antiarrhythmics.
  • Hypertension drugs.
  • Other beta-blockers.
  • Lisinopril.
  • Enalapril.
  • Diltiazem.
  • Prazosin.
  • Terazosin.
  • Doxazosin.
  • Epinephrine or other stimulants.
  • Warfarin.

Ensure you read the enclosed literature with your ForHims products before consuming. If you have any queries regarding its interactions with your existing meds—speak to the online doctor. Alternatively, consult with your primary care practitioner.

“Is ForHims PA Products the Same as Benzodiazepines?” 

Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, etc.) are also used to treat performance anxiety. 

While they might seem similar to the ForHims propranolol, there are some differences:

  • Propranolol isn’t addictive—unlike benzodiazepines.
  • Propranolol is best for short-term and event-based anxiety—doctors prescribe benzodiazepines for long-term, general anxiety.
  • Propranolol doesn’t affect the brain—benzodiazepines target the brain and CNS (central nervous system). Propranolol primarily works on the heart and other tissues that have beta receptors.

“Will ForHims PA Products Increase the Size of My Penis?”

No—and if you find a pill online stating this—they’re lying.

There are no products that can increase the size of your flaccid member. It’s true that some compounds can increase blood supply and make it fuller and harder—but you still only have what God gave you.

However, the ForHims PA products will destroy your anxiety and send your confidence to stratospheric levels. Making you feel like a sexual pro in the bedroom.

Alternative Products

The ForHims PA products aren’t the sole performance anxiety treatments available. So, how do they measure up against other popular products?

Below are the leading competitors—all with proven anti-anxiety properties.

Vitamin B Complex

A product that contains all eight of the B-vitamins is known as a vitamin B-complex product.

While there are no studies indicating its efficacy solely on sexual performance worries—researchers have found that it alleviates depression and general anxiety.14

However, scientists have also discovered that having low levels of B-vitamins—especially B6, B12 and folate—can actually lead to anxiety. Hence, it’s worth considering that all cases of stress and depression may not have an underlying mental cause—but instead indicate a deficiency.15

Pros of Vitamin B Complex

  • Available over the counter.
  • Light on the bank account.
  • Suitable for those who don’t want lab-engineered meds.

Cons of Vitamin B Complex

  • May not address severe performance anxiety.
  • No direct effect on adrenaline.
  • Positive studies allowed participants to continue to use antidepressants.


People have used this Indian herb, also known as Withania somnifera, for hundreds of years in Ayurvedic medicine. They believed it improved libido, elevated energy levels and staved off old age. 

However, modern research shows that it has a positive effect in counteracting anxiety.

In 2012, scientists studied the effects of 300 mg daily doses of ashwagandha on 64 chronically stressed and anxious participants. After 60 days, the results indicated that not only did the subjects feel less anxious—blood tests illustrated low counts of cortisol—the stress hormone.16 17

While many people take ashwagandha for explicitly sexual performance anxiety issues—no studies have definitively proven its efficacy in this area.18

Pros of Ashwagandha 

  • Suitable for those people seeking a 100% natural solution.
  • Available without prescription.
  • Clinically proven to lower regular stress and anxiety.

Cons of Ashwagandha

  • Can cause stomach upsets and diarrhea.19
  • No direct studies on sexual performance anxiety.
  • Requires daily intake for results—not taken on-demand as with ForHims.

Bacopa monnieri

Also known as water hyssop, Brahmi and herb of grace—bacopa is another Ayurvedic herb. Traditionally, practitioners used it to treat anxiety, epilepsy and to improve the memory.20

There are some positive signs.

A 1998 study, which scientists conducted on rats, demonstrated that bacopa was able to relieve anxiety to the same extent as a benzodiazepine (lorazepam)—an anti-anxiety drug only available on prescription.21

However, while this may help if you’re a nervous rodent—it may not be as beneficial for humans.

Researchers in 2002 discovered that while bacopa assisted the brain with retaining new information—it had absolutely no effect on anxiety levels.

Pros of Bacopa monnieri

  • Useful for improving the memory.
  • Light on the wallet.
  • 100 percent natural.

Cons of Bacopa monnieri

  • Human tests illustrate no anti-anxiety lowering properties.
  • Causes stomach cramps.22
  • No evidence for improving sexual performance.

ForHims PA Products Final Verdict

I was a complete mess—and it was embarrassing.

My sexual performance anxiety had taken over my life. I was making every effort to avoid getting busy beneath the sheets as I felt I would be a complete disappointment.

But, even when I summoned every ounce of courage to make an effort, my worries were so intense, they prevented my previously reliable Johnson from stirring.

The ForHims PA products transformed me into a new man.

Just one simple pill had the effect of taking away those concerns. My member was now standing proud like a skyscraper. What’s more, I was finally able to concentrate and enjoy my lovemaking—not be petrified throughout the whole experience.

Listen up.

There are some other supplements available. These natural options have some basis in science. But when put under serious scrutiny, they lack the proven sex-boosting benefits that the propranolol from ForHims provides.

The bottom line:

If you want to be a dominant and confident sexual powerhouse—there’s nothing that comes close to the price and quality of ForHims PA products.


Erectile Dysfunction

Max Performer Review | Should You Buy It?

My downstairs department wasn’t in top form.

It was a gradual decline—starting with low libido. My voracious sexual appetite had diminished to an occasional bedroom session.

When I did manage to summon up the will—my member wasn’t playing ball.

It was taking much longer to achieve an erection. Even when I did attain a semi-firm penis—it wasn’t remaining hard for long.

I needed to take action—this was ruining my relationship.

Then I tried Max Performer—and it worked.

This innocuous pill restored my desire and penis rigidity—let me tell you about it in this Max Performer review.

What Is Max Performer?

This supplement, manufactured by the UK-based Silver Blade Nutrition Ltd, is a male enhancement pill. As such, Max Performer aims to address the common problem areas in male sexual health—such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, and reduced stamina.

While it’s important to stress in this Max Performer review that this product is suitable for any man over the age of 18, it’s particularly targeted towards those who:

  • Find their desire to get busy in the bedroom isn’t as high as they’d like.
  • Experience lackluster erections, or insufficient longevity.
  • Demand longer lovemaking sessions.
  • Wish to enjoy higher self-confidence in the bedroom.
  • Are unhappy with their current sexual performance levels.

How Does Max Performer Work?

Firstly—all the ingredients are natural. This is unlike many prescription male enhancers that contain compounds which scientists have engineered in a lab.

The manufacturers have included specific ingredients that science has shown to improve male sexual performance. Mainly, these compounds work by:

  • Activating signals in the brain to stimulate sexual desire.
  • Enhancing blood flow to the penis which can heighten erection quality.1
  • Elevating testosterone levels—which can increase libido, erection firmness, and sperm fertility.2 3 4
  • Inhibiting PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5)—blocking enzymes that can prevent erections.5

Pros of Using a Male Enhancement Pill

  • Less likely to induce side effects than prescription drugs.
  • One pill to address numerous male health areas.
  • Available over the counter.
  • By improving sexual performance, it elevates the sense of wellbeing and self-confidence.
  • Contain scientifically proven enhancers.
  • 100 percent natural.

Cons of Using a Male Enhancement Pill

  • Requires daily intake of a supplement.
  • May not address severe erectile dysfunction.
  • Could lead to an insatiable sexual appetite.

Max Performer Ingredients

Time to get down to the serious detail in this Max Performer review. Here are the key active compounds in this 13-ingredient male enhancement supplement:

Maca 1000 mg

Coming from the brassica family, Maca is a plant which you can only find in the Peruvian Andes.6

Research indicates that it has two proven male-boosting properties—raising libido and improving the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.7

Scientists have suggested this may be due to its ability to heighten nitric oxide production—improving blood flow to the penis.8

Red Korean Ginseng 1000 mg

With its multitude of sex-enhancing powers, I’m pleased to see this ingredient in this Max Performer review.

Clinical research shows that red ginseng can heighten free testosterone, reduce the power of estrogen, boost libido and elevate fertility.9

Horny Goat Weed 1000 mg

One of my personal favorite sex-raising compounds.

Let me show you in this Max Performer review the numerous properties of this flowering plant. Studies explain it can:

  • Heighten libido.
  • Improve erection quality—by inhibiting PDE5.10 11
  • Reduce blood pressure—raising cardiovascular health and increasing stamina.12
  • Escalate energy reserves.13

Bioperine 15 mg

An ingredient whose primary function is to increase the bioavailability of the other compounds in this Max Performer review.

Furthermore, research illustrates Bioperine can:

  • Heighten mood—by increasing dopamine production levels.14
  • Lowering inflammation which can cause erection problems.15
  • Improve carbohydrate and fat metabolism, possibly resulting in weight loss.16

Cordyceps 1000 mg

A fungus which mainly grows in China.

The extract from this organism can stimulate the area of the brain that’s responsible for libido. 17

Zinc 24 mg 240 % of Daily Value

Experts in numerous papers have declared zinc to be a potent testosterone heightener—elevated levels of which can increase sex drive and improve erection rigidity.18

What Does Max Performer Promise?

We’ve seen in this Max Performer review what the ingredients can do—but what do the manufacturer’s claim?

According to their marketing material—Max Performer will:

Provide Larger and Firmer Erections

Here’s an alarming fact in this Max Performer review—one in every two men will experience erectile dysfunction.19 

Not only can this be frustrating when you want to get down to action, but it can also be embarrassing and impinge on your self-confidence.

Elevating erectile quality can lead to satisfying lovemaking and restoration of your self-worth.

Elevate Sexual Desire

As we become older, our testosterone levels fall. This can mean a decline in our libido.20

By boosting T-levels, sex-drive rises—providing both you and your partner with a more pleasurable and frequent love life.

Heighten Sexual Performance and Stamina

Short-lived erections and premature ejaculation can ruin our bedroom exercise.

The latter affects an incredible 33 percent of men—leading to feelings of inadequacy and disappointment.21

Luckily, this Max Performer review can reveal there’s a solution.

The ingredients in this supplement can increase blood flow and raise testosterone levels—boosting erectile duration and lowering the risk of an early climax.22

Intensify and Improve Orgasm

Elevating testosterone may improve the orgasm reflex and can increase semen volume.23

An ejaculation that’s more of a mighty fountain than a small dribble increases feelings of masculinity—and enhances the satisfaction of facials.

Increase Fun and Improve Relationships

With every aspect of your sexual performance elevated—you becoming a confident sex-machine in the bedroom. Reinvigorating your love life, lowering stress, and escalating feelings of masculinity.

It all sounds great, right?

But I know what’s on your mind in this Max Performer review—how long is it going to take to work?

While timelines do differ between guys (as all our physiologies differ), generally this is what you could experience:

Weeks 1-2 The first improvement guys witness in using Max Performer is an increase

in their erection firmness and longevity. Even within just a few days, some 

users notice that their previously lackluster hard-ons are becoming solid.

Weeks 3-4 During this period, many men feel a noticeable elevation in their libido 

levels. It seems to rise gradually—week upon week desire and 

enthusiasm for lovemaking heightens.

Weeks 5-6 Often, after over one month’s use—guys report that their orgasms

are much more intense and satisfying. Furthermore, those who have 

previously suffered from stamina issues discover their intercourse is

lasting longer.

What’s most interesting in this Max Performer review is that these improvements don’t seem to wane with extended use.

They magnify.

The longer you take these pills—the more astounding the results.

Max Performer Side Effects and Complaints

My personal experience with this supplement was positive. However, for a truly balanced approach in this Max Performer review—we need to explore whether guys experience these beneficial returns across the board.

Happily, I’m pleased to say that reported side effects and complaints are in the minority—most guys find that Max Performer delivers powerful results.

Here are genuine examples of users’ experiences:

“Felt a little more aroused, nothing much more. Did give me a headache.”


“I’ve been using Viagra for the last year—but I have been getting nasty side effects. So, I started looking for a natural solution and found your supplement. I am now enjoying the best sex of my life—I’m side effect free.”


“My performance is much better and my erections are now rock solid.”


“My libido and erections have increased by over 200 percent—and the sensations during sex are intense for me and my girlfriend.”


“I found Max Performer in my boyfriend’s drawer—knew he was using something as our sex life suddenly got a lot better—thank you for you creating these pills.”


As you can see in this Max Performer review, the 100 percent natural formulation seems to avoid any adverse health issues—instead, it just delivers elevated sexual satisfaction.

How Does It Feel?

Scientific research aside—let me give you my subjective opinion in this Max Performer review.

After using this supplement—I felt like a real man again.

Lasting longer in bed, experiencing mind-blowing orgasms and enjoying the benefits of a rock-solid erection ensured my lovemaking reached almost porn star levels.

I’m no longer unwilling or apprehensive about instigating intercourse with my partner. In fact, I have to make time to fit in all of my bedroom antics to satisfy my unquenchable desire.

Furthermore, I feel so much happier—brimming with self-confidence and enjoying seeing my partner being fulfilled sexually too.

Max Performer Packaging and Pricing

I can guess what’s on your mind while reading this Max Performer review—ok, sounds great, but is it going to hammer the credit card?

The good news is, when purchased in larger quantities, Max Performer is seriously budget-friendly.

One month’s supply $69.00

Three months’ supply $138.00

Six months’ supply $200.00 (a 50 percent saving)

Furthermore, but keep this between you and me, if you use the discount code VALOR10 you can receive a 10 percent discount on your order.

Remember—if you stop taking Max Performer, you may lose the immense performance benefits that you’ve been enjoying. Always ensure you order sufficient volumes, so you don’t miss a dose!

Where to Buy Max Performer?

If, after reading this Max Performer review, you’re tempted to try out this male enhancement pill, you’re wondering—where can I buy it?

Currently, this supplement is only available on the official Max Performer website.

Buying directly from the manufacturer means that you:

  • Will receive a 100 percent genuine product.
  • Can take advantage of their worldwide shipping.
  • Are covered by their 100-day money-back guarantee policy.
  • Should expect delivery within 3-10 days (depending on location).

Max Performer FAQ

“Is Max Performer Safe to Use?”

Yes. As I indicated in earlier this Max Performer review, it includes nothing but 100 percent natural ingredients.

“How to Take Max Performer?”

Consume two tablets at the same time every day with a glass of water.

“Can I Use Max Performer with Alcohol?”

While alcohol will not cause health issues when consumed alongside Max Performer, it may inhibit its power.

“Can I Use Max Performer with Prescription Medicine?”

Although I’ve stated in this Max Performer review that it’s safe—I recommend speaking with your health practitioner before using it with other medications.

“Can I Buy Max Performer without Prescription?”

Yes. Max Performer is an OTC (over the counter) supplement.

Alternative Products

While this is a Max Performer review—it would be foolhardy not to consider some of the other similar products on the market.

Here’s how Max Performer measures up to the other leading male enhancement players:

VigRX Plus

Ten proven sex-boosting ingredients make VigRX Plus a highly potent supplement that I need to mention in this Max Performer review.

Coming from the nutritional powerhouse Leading Edge Health—this is one of the few OTC enhancers that’s been subjected to clinical studies. The researchers demonstrated that it had proven abilities to improve erections, elevate orgasmic pleasure and raise desire.24

This supplement is for the everyman—a guy who just wants to take his sexual performance to the max.


  • Independently evaluated for efficacy.
  • 10 proven male enhancement ingredients.
  • 67-day money-back guarantee.


  • Premium price for a premium product.
  • Harder on the wallet than Max Performer.
  • Doesn’t include the powerful Maca ingredient found in Max Performer.


One of the most ingredient-heavy formulas in a male enhancement pill.

The company behind this supplement has left nothing to chance by including 21 different sex-improving compounds.

However, while admirable, 19 of these are found in proprietary blends. This means that none of them are quantified—and hence cannot be judged for efficacy.


  • Requires just one pill per day.
  • More budget-friendly than Max Performer.
  • Angled towards those who need a powerful testosterone boost.


  • With 19 unquantified ingredients—its power cannot be ascertained.
  • Some users find the capsules hard to swallow.
  • Fewer positive customer reviews than Max Performer.

Male Extra

A supplement that may appeal to guys who have trouble tolerating a compound-heavy pill. With just seven ingredients—it’s relatively easy on the gut.

Furthermore, it’s a supplement with pedigree. With over 150,000 users worldwide—it’s a highly popular male enhancer. This is justified by its inclusion of the erection-boosting l-arginine, T-elevating zinc, and sex-drive heightening cordyceps.


  • Suitable for those seeking a lighter product.
  • Comes from a company with over nine year’s nutritional experience.
  • Worldwide delivery option.


  • Not as light on the bank account as Max Performer (when purchased in bulk).
  • Requires consuming three pills per day.
  • Not enough ingredients to be the best male enhancer.

Max Performer Final Verdict

Underwhelming performance in the bedroom can negatively impact our self-confidence, mental wellbeing, sexual enjoyment and relationships.

However, by using Max Performer—this situation can be turned on its head. It can enable us to want sex more, utilize impressive erections, and relish our intercourse encounters.

While this Max Performer review has illustrated there are some other solid supplements on the market, they lag behind my selected product.

With its formidable 13-ingredient formulation, quantified ingredients, and a supplement that delivers the best quality to price ratio—it’s a no-brainer.

The bottom line:

To become the symbol of masculine sexuality you want to be—shoot over to the Max Performer website and start on the road to adult movie star performance.


Erectile Dysfunction

Bluechew Review | Is It Worth It?

I wanted to make love—but my manhood had other ideas.

Despite me and my partner’s continual attempts to stir it into action—the best it could achieve was a kind of semi-erect state. Even then, within a few minutes, it would return to its normal flaccid condition again.

I felt demasculinized, frustrated and embarrassed. Buddy, I needed a solution.

So, I conducted an online search for Viagra—luckily, I stumbled on BlueChew.

It was the best manhood-investment I ever made.

This product enabled me to achieve rock-solid boners, make love without fear of failure and deliver intense orgasms—and that’s for me and my partner.

Stick with me—this BlueChew review explains it all.

What Is Blue Chew?

Blue Chew is a new approach to male erectile dysfunction—whether that’s full impotence or a Johnson that’s less firm than you’d like.

This awkward and annoying issue is remarkably common. Clinical studies show that one in every two guys suffers from this condition. What’s more, as we age, there’s an increasing likelihood of us experiencing these erection problems.1

By 40 years of age, it affects about 40 percent of men. A statistic that increases by ten percent as every decade passes.

So how is Blue Chew different? After all, erectile dysfunction medications aren’t a new invention.

Mainly, it’s a subscription-based service—so there’s no requirement to visit your doctor. All you need to do is just answer a few questions online, and you’re on your way to a more fulfilling sex life.

And it works.

Blue Chew is available in two distinct forms—sildenafil (usually branded as Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis)—the choice is yours. Since the early 2000s, both of these erection-boosting powerhouses have been helping men delight in mighty hard-ons.2 3

Let me make something clear in this BlueChew review—this product isn’t a tablet.

Instead, it’s supplied in chewable form—with a pleasant taste that reminded me very much of candy.

This means it’s incredibly discreet. You don’t require a glass of water to swallow it, and anyone around you will just think you’re chomping down on a sweet.

Furthermore, many guys report that this method of delivery provides faster acting erections than their tablet cousins. Possibly because it’s more readily absorbed through the thin lining of the gums. 

This product is suitable for guys over the age of 18 years who either cannot achieve—or have trouble maintaining—an erection.

Can Blue Chew Help with Premature Ejaculation?

Indirectly, yes.

I do, however, need to stress that this isn’t a treatment for an early climax. However, it can provide benefits if that’s your area of concern.

Erectile dysfunction can cause premature ejaculation.

Many guys, worried that their boner will not last long, speed through their lovemaking—in order to achieve orgasm before the erection disappears. This can lead to a short-lived sex session and premature ejaculation.

However, knowing that your member is going to remain solid for the long-run means your intercourse can be as fast or as slow as you wish. And hence, no early orgasm.

Yet, even if you do climax too soon, all isn’t lost.

BlueChew enables you to go for “round two” remarkably quickly, or round three if you desire—helping both you and your partner achieve maximum gratification.

Will Blue Chew Make Your Penis Bigger?

Yes—but only when it’s erect.

Some brief science for you in this BlueChew review.

Inside your mighty member are two long and sponge-like areas of erectile tissue—known as the corpora cavernosa. These “balloons” extend from the base of your shaft through to your penis head. 

When you’re stimulated, these balloons fill with blood—making the penis firm, erect and ready for penetration.4

Blue Chew works by stimulating nitric oxide availability—which opens up the vascular system in the penis allowing more blood to enter your member.

Studies show that using products which contain sildenafil has the effect of taking this to the extreme—leading to both increases in erect penile length and girth.5

Blue Chew Options

As briefly mentioned earlier in this Blue Chew review—this product is available in two forms, sildenafil and tadalafil.

Generally speaking, they both work in the same way.

They inhibit PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) enzymes which can prevent erections and boost nitric oxide efficacy (thus leading to more blood in the penis).6

So, which one should you choose?

The main difference between these two compounds is their half-lives. That is, how long it remains active within the body. Sildenafil has a relatively short half-life of four hours—while tadalafil is much longer at 17.5 hours.7

The choice depends on your aims and circumstances.

If you believe you’re going to have sex at some time during the day or night but not sure when (say, you’re at a party or social gathering)—tadalafil is the ideal choice. Since, as long as it occurs within 17 hours or so of ingestion—you’re going to be ready for action.

Alternatively, sildenafil is best taken relatively soon before sex—making it often the choice of couples where each partner is aware when sex will occur.

Remember, even with tadalafil, you’re not going to be wandering the streets with a massive boner. You still require stimulation to kick-start the erection process.

Here are the main pros and cons of each form:

BlueChew 30 mg Sildenafil


  • Faster acting than the tadalafil version.
  • Studies report slightly higher efficacy rates than tadalafil.8
  • Ideal for couples who can plan their sexual intercourse times.


  • Efficacy can be reduced by eating a fatty meal.9
  • Short half-life.
  • Can cause nasal congestion.10
  • Not perfect for guys who demand spontaneous sex throughout the day.

BlueChew 6 mg Tadalafil


  • Ideal for men wanting to be ready at all times of the day.
  • More popular with men suffering from erectile dysfunction than sildenafil.11
  • Perfect for more than one sex session.
  • Unaffected by food consumption.


  • Lesser-known compound than sildenafil.
  • Possesses a higher risk for other prescription drug interactions.
  • Can cause flushing of the face.

What Does BlueChew Promise?

You’re already probably aware of the scientifically proven effectiveness of sildenafil and tadalafil—but what does the manufacturer of BlueChew claim?

Let me use this part of this BlueChew Review to explain:

Increases Ability to Attain an Erection

Failing to rise to the occasion may be the most embarrassing bedroom situation of all.

You may have put in all the serious groundwork in a fancy bar or restaurant first—but if your penis isn’t playing ball beneath the sheets, it’s all gone to waste.

Using the discreet BlueChew product means that you can achieve an erection easily—just a little stimulation and your love-column is firm and ready for some action.

Standing proud on demand has the benefits of:

  • Allowing you to have satisfying intercourse.
  • Relieving anxiety—you’re not worrying whether your penis is going to work.
  • Improving self-confidence—a rock-solid Johnson looks impressive.

Helps Maintain an Erection

Some guys may be able to achieve a boner initially—but as soon as intercourse commences, it rapidly begins to wane away. Thus, leaving these men and their partners dissatisfied.

I’m pleased to say in this Blue Chew review that either the sildenafil or tadalafil ingredients can promote longevity.

This means that you can treat your partner to the mother-of-all sex sessions—without being scared that your member will become limp.

Easier to Use Than a Pill

If you’ve ever knocked back Viagra (sildenafil) or Cialis (tadalafil)—you know these aren’t the simplest pills to swallow.

Firstly, they’re not the smallest tablets in the world. Secondly, both manufacturers decided to go for distinctive shapes—a diamond and a bullet. Easy to recognize, yes, but with sharp angles making intake awkward and uncomfortable.

BlueChew allows you to take in the active ingredients in the form of a chewable candy—both inconspicuous and tasty.

Solves Erectile Dysfunction Without Embarrassment

The guys behind BlueChew emphasize that solving manhood erection issues has never been simpler.

Obtaining BlueChew doesn’t require any visits to a doctor, sexual therapist or pharmacy. Thus meaning that you save time, don’t have to wait for appointments or suffer any embarrassing conversations.

Later in this Blue Chew review, I’ll explain how incredibly simple the ordering process is—you don’t have to leave your armchair.

Provides Support

I’m proud to state in this BlueChew review that once you’ve taken the plunge with this product—you aren’t forgotten about.

The manufacturers provide 24/7 support with a bespoke online medical practitioner who can answer usage issues, concerns, side effects or provide recommendations.

Blue Chew Before and After Results

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you know the story.

Lackluster intercourse, nervousness before sex, embarrassment, feelings of inadequacy and an absence of masculinity.

The good news in this BlueChew review is that this product can improve these issues—and incredibly fast.

Whichever form you decide to use—erections arrive quicker than using standard impotence pills.

The chewable form allows fast absorption through the membranes of the mouth—instead of having to pass through intestinal digestion. Meaning, the standard 30-45 minutes you usually wait is reduced to around 15-20 minutes.

Hence—you achieve an erection incredibly quickly.

To be fair, this may not always be important. If you consume the tadalafil form before attending a nightclub—it’s unlikely you’re going to get laid in the first 15 minutes—unless you’re incredibly lucky.

However, there are some circumstances where sex is a welcome surprise—an enthusiastic work colleague in the stationery storeroom—or a visit from an acquaintance which turns you both into “friends with benefits.”

Whether planned or unplanned—Blue Chew delivers towering and concrete-like erections.

Blue Chew Customer Reviews

Before I explain my personal experience of this product in this Blue Chew review—allow me to show you what other users are saying:

“I was never skeptical and tried this product after dinner and a few beers. Boy was I surprised. Darn Johnson got harder than Superman’s kneecap (LOL). I am still chasing the ole girl around the house with a pretty good woodie. Great product so far!”


“Took advantage of coupon offer for a free trial. Ordering and setting up an account was easy. The product arrived in a timely manner (chewable tadalafil).”


“I get regular, prescription Viagra and Cialis from my doctor. I switched to BlueChew simply because it’s actually cheaper. But I know the real stuff, and this is it…I get the same intended result.”


“Erections are rock hard, and the constant chubby is present. Sex is incredible, and my recovery times are short, and round 2 and beyond is just as strong as the first one. I am very pleased with BlueChew and will continue to refill the order.”


“I am 63 years old, male, in great shape, but like a lot of men my age, it was a real job to get an erection. Well, that all changed with my first dose of BlueChew! I took BlueChew as recommended, about 40 minutes before “playtime.” My wife and I were thrilled to find that I was like my “old self!” We were able to take it slow and relaxed because there was no problem at all!“


How Does It Feel?

It was the discovery of this product, which inspired me to write this BlueChew review.

Although, initially, I was skeptical.

Buddy, you know how dodgy the erectile dysfunction market is. Check your spam folder, and I guarantee there are a few emails kicking around in there trying to tempt you into buying the next “wonder-pill.”

Yet—as soon as I opened the product, my fears were allayed.

I felt reassured with both a welcome and thank-you note, some information on the safe use of chewables and naturally the product itself.

Using BlueChew is simple. Just pop one in your mouth and chew—that’s it.

I found that it was surprisingly pleasant tasting. Ok, I’ll be honest—it’s not going to rank amongst my favorite candies. But, the sugary flavor with a hint of blueberry meant it was easy to consume.

Fifteen minutes after taking Blue Chew (the sildenafil version) I went for some self-stimulation.

Man, it became rock-solid.

It reminded me of my youth when the sight of a cute girl in a skirt would turn my member into a Roman column.

I had to put this mighty manhood to work. So I said the right things into my partner’s ear—and we were soon down to some intense action.

The experience was nothing short of mind-blowing. After years of having a semi-enthusiastic penis—it was a welcome sight to see my iron-like phallus moving in-and-out of my partner like a damn piston.

Furthermore, the sensations were immense. Every thrust filled me with pleasure—and the sounds I was hearing from my girl showed me she felt the same. 

What surprised me most was that even during the less intense moments—when I was catching my breath—my phallus remained solid.

BlueChew has turned my sex-life around.

Blue Chew Side Effects & Complaints 

Despite extensive research for this Blue Chew review—I struggled to find any serious complaints.

The most common criticism was that some users didn’t like the taste. But, I guess that comes down to personal opinion. Even though the sugary flavor may be too sickly for some—it certainly beats the taste of a standard erection pill.

Side effects are also rare—but you still must use this product with caution.

The online health test (required before buying the product) will mostly prevent those susceptible from side effects from using BlueChew.

However, both sildenafil and tadalafil do cause adverse reactions in a minority of cases. These often appear within 1-2 hours of taking these compounds.

Let me use this part of this BlueChew review to take you through them:

Tadalafil Side Effects

  • Headaches (15.8% of men).12
  • Dyspepsia (11.8%).
  • Nasopharyngitis (11.4%).
  • Back pain (8.2%).
  • Myalgia.13 
  • Flushing.14
  • Upset stomach.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Memory issues.
  • Nausea.
  • Reduced blood pressure.
  • Dizziness.
  • Alteration in color vision and blurriness.
  • Prolonged erections.

Sildenafil Side Effects

  • Headache (16% of men).15
  • Flushing (10%).
  • Nasal congestion (4%).
  • Dyspepsia (3%).
  • Back pain (3%).
  • Dizziness (3%).
  • Myalgia (2%).
  • Nausea (2%).
  • Abnormal vision (1%).
  • Rash (1%).
  • Bladder pain.16
  • Indigestion.
  • Itchy skin.
  • Increased urination.
  • Stomach upsets.

Blue Chew Packaging and Pricing

One of the factors that initially attracted me to BlueChew was its variety of subscription plans available.

I’ll take you quickly through them in this section of this BlueChew review:

Sildenafil BlueChew

Active plan 6 chewables $20.00 per month.

Busy plan 10 chewables $30.00 per month.

Popular plan 17 chewables $50.00 per month.

Pro plan 34 chewables $90.00 per month.

Tadalafil BlueChew

Active plan 4 chewables $20.00 per month.

Busy plan 7 chewables $30.00 per month.

Popular plan 14 chewables $50.00 per month.

Pro plan 28 chewables $90.00 per month.

Seeing all these different plans in this Blue Chew review may at first seem overwhelming.

However, it’s quite simple to decide which one is ideal for you.

Firstly, decide between sildenafil or tadalafil. If you want to be ready all day for sex—tadalafil is the right choice. Or, if you’re quite happy popping a pill just before sex, sildenafil is ideal.

Secondly, consider the volume.

Remember that the more you buy, the cheaper the individual pills. Furthermore, you may only be a once-a-week guy at the moment—but with a reinvigorated sex life due to your world-beating erections, chances are you’ll be wanting more and more.

So, don’t leave yourself without.

Finally, if you’re dubious of this product’s efficacy—take the trial offer.

Currently, Blue Chew is offering a free one month trial if you use the coupon code WELCOME. All you pay is $5 shipping.

Where to Buy Blue Chew?

If this BlueChew review has whetted your appetite for enhanced erections—head over to the official BlueChew website. It’s the only place selling this amazing product.

However, there’s a quick downer.

At the moment, this product is only available in the USA—not worldwide. But, if you are in a different country—keep checking back. BlueChew indicates that worldwide shipping will soon be introduced across the board.

Something else to bear in mind in this Blue Chew review.

As the regulations regarding online sales of pharmaceuticals vary between individual states, this product isn’t available across the entirety of the USA. Excluded areas include:

  • Arkansas.
  • Hawaii.
  • Idaho.
  • Nebraska.
  • North Dakota.
  • Oklahoma.
  • Oregon.
  • Rhode Island.
  • South Carolina. 

Once your application has been reviewed and approved by a licensed online physician—delivery takes on average 2-5 days. 

Yet, if you’re unhappy with the results it delivers, Blue Chew will offer a full refund (less shipping costs) within 30 days of the purchase date.

How Does Blue Chew Work?

Here’s a crucial fact in this BlueChew review—it’s a prescription medication.

This means you do need to follow a possibly unfamiliar yet simple ordering process to get your hands on this product.

Let me take you through the remarkably straightforward system.

  1. First, head over to the official Blue Chew website.
  2. Complete a 20-question online health check and submit.
  3. Upload a picture of your government ID for identification and age verification.
  4. A doctor (licensed to practice in your particular state) will review your health questionnaire and ensure that the product is suitable for you.
  5. You will be given the contact details of your “go-to” online physician should you have any issues.
  6. Within 24-48 hours you will be informed whether you can receive BlueChew.
  7. You will then receive the product, in plain packaging, within 2-5 days of approval.
  8. Lie back and enjoy some immense and impressive boners.

Every month, you’ll receive your chosen number of chewables depending on the plan you selected. For convenience, this is automatically rebilled—there’s no need to reorder every four weeks.

What I found particularly helpful on the BlueChew website is that you can manage your account online. At any point in time, a simple click can cancel your account, place it on hold, or enable you to switch between subscription plans.

I know what you’re thinking in this Blue Chew review—will the mailman know I’m buying erection pills for my lackluster penis?

The answer is no.

You will receive BlueChew in plain brown packaging with no indication of the contents. 

Just a few more key points to bear in mind in this BlueChew review:

  • If you’re unhappy with the effectiveness of BlueChew—the manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee (less postage costs).
  • Bluechew adheres to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 1996)—meaning that only medical professionals dealing with your account have access to your private health information.
  • As long as you’re in one of the eligible states—Blue Chew is entirely legal.
  • While you cannot use your private health insurance to obtain BlueChew—the low prices offered online often make it more economical than visiting your physician and attending a pharmacy.

Blue Chew FAQ

“Is Blue Chew Safe to Use?”


An online licensed physician will check your medical questionnaire to ensure that this product is suitable for your particular requirements.

However, there are some side effects that sildenafil and tadalafil can induce—which I mentioned earlier in this Blue Chew review. If you exhibit any of these symptoms—cease use and consult with your healthcare practitioner.

“How to Take Blue Chew?”

For sildenafil BlueChew, take one chewable around one hour before you intend to have intercourse—the effects wear off in about four hours.

In the case of tadalafil Blue Chew, consume at least sixty minutes before sex—it will remain active for around 17 hours.

“Can I Take More Blue Chew Than Prescribed?”

If the results you receive from BlueChew aren’t as impressive as you would like—you can take more than one chewable.

However, first consult with the Blue Chew online medical team to ensure it’s safe to do so.

In all circumstances after each dosage increase, wait at least 48 hours before upping the dose even further.

“Can I Use Blue Chew With Alcohol?”

Let me stress something important in this Blue Chew review.

If you drink alcohol while using erectile dysfunction medications—the risk of experiencing side effects increases. 

Furthermore, intoxication and high alcohol consumption can cause hard-on disappointments. 

That said, moderate use will have little effect—that is, a couple of 12-ounce beers, two one-ounce liquor shots, or two six-ounce glasses of wine daily. 

“Can I Use Blue Chew With Other Medicine?”

I would recommend discussing Blue Chew use with your Primary Care Doctor before using it alongside other medications.

They are responsible for your complete health management and care. As they know you, and your full medical history—they are in an ideal position to offer advice.

“Will Blue Chew Show up on My Drug Test?”

Under most circumstances, the active ingredients in BlueChew—sildenafil and tadalafil—aren’t included in standard drug tests.

However, even if they are detected, they’re perfectly legal for use when prescribed by a medical professional.

“Can I Mix Blue Chew Sildenafil and Tadalafil Together?”


Using both forms simultaneously may cause possible life-threatening health issues. Hence customers buying from the official Blue Chew website can only be prescribed one medication at a time.

However, some people are more susceptible to one medication than another. If one form of BlueChew yields no erection-boosting results—you can apply online to alter your prescription to an alternative type (for the following month).

Alternative Products

While I can personally vouch in this BlueChew review to its efficacy—there are other products on the market.

Allow me to take you briefly through these other erectile dysfunction treatments:


This prescription medication (known under the brand names of Levitra, Vivanza and Staxyn) can be seen as a “halfway-house” between sildenafil and tadalafil.

While working in the same way as a PDE5 inhibitor, it has a more prolonged efficacy than Viagra, but it’s shorter than Cialis.

Although it’s still available on prescription, the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) issued a warning in 2007 that its use could lead to deafness.17 18


  • Suitable for guys who find that sildenafil wears off too quickly.
  • Can last for up to eight hours.19
  • Easy to swallow circular pill.


  • May cause deafness.
  • Shorter lasting than tadalafil.
  • Not available in a chewable form.


One of the newer erectile dysfunction treatments on the market—being approved by the FDA as recently as 2012.20

Sold under the brand names Stendra and Spedra—this prescription-only medication is one of the fastest acting oral erectile dysfunction tablets.

While working through the same PDE5 process as Viagra and Cialis—studies show that many guys can achieve an erection within 15 minutes of ingestion. Some even after just ten minutes.21


  • Scientifically proven to assist with erectile dysfunction.22
  • Available in over 40 countries.
  • Ideal for guys who are spontaneous—and need erection-boosting assistance immediately.


  • As a new product—it lacks the high volume of research available for sildenafil and tadalafil.
  • Effects can wear off after just 45 minutes.
  • Has an unpleasant taste.

Male Enhancement Pills (Herbal)

I probably don’t have to state in this BlueChew review that there are a multitude of over-the-counter male enhancement pills on the market.

While available without a prescription—the problem lies in that they vary widely in their efficacy. The essential compounds to look out for on the nutrition label are the important testosterone boosters zinc, d-aspartic acid and fenugreek along with the nitric oxide enhancing arginine or citrulline.

Although useful for mild erectile dysfunction—they’re unsuitable for severe boner issues and lack the potency of prescription medications—such as Blue Chew.


  • Available without prescription.
  • As natural products, they induce little-to-no side effects.
  • Useful for minor erectile issues.
  • Require no embarrassing visits to a physician.


  • Many supplements contain ingredients that lack scientific backing, are unquantified or are no better than placebos.
  • Lack the power of Blue Chew and other prescribed treatments.
  • Will not help those with severe hard-on problems.

Alternative Subscription-Based ED Meds Providers

As you may imagine, BlueChew isn’t the only one on the market offering such a service. Both Hims and Roman offer subscription-based ED meds as well. In case you are interested, we’ve put together an extensive comparison article: Roman vs BlueChew vs Hims.

Blue Chew Review Final Verdict

Erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter.

It doesn’t just ruin our enjoyment of sex—but it can also cause mental health issues, result in loss of confidence and destroy relationships.23

Yet, while often an under-discussed issue—most of us will experience this problem at some time in our lives.

However, the solution is remarkably simple.

Just chewing one potent BlueChew candy before intercourse can reawaken our sleeping snake. Using either the scientifically proven erection-enhancers of sildenafil or tadalafil—this product restores confidence, masculinity and pleasure.

Sure, you can use Viagra or Cialis—they’re also effective products.

But the simplicity of consuming BlueChew, its easy online-availability and its immensely fast-acting characteristics make it the ideal choice. And, for an incredibly competitive price.

Bro, let me finish this BlueChew review with some advice.

Head over to the official website now and take them up on their trial offer—you’ve nothing to lose—except your limp member.


Erectile Dysfunction

Comparing Subscription-Based Online Pharmacies | The Battle of ED Meds

Before diving into the world of subscription-based ED meds’ pharmacies, I’d like to make a few things clear. Namely,

Both Sildenafil and Tadalafil are commodity products. 

  • Think of it as sugar, it doesn’t really matter from which vendor you purchase it, as the product itself is always identical. Thus, it makes sense to buy it as cheaply as possible.

Tadalafil and Sildenafil prices are a function of marketing spending.

  • Even though 10mg of Sildenafil or Tadalafil costs the same for all the vendors, they still price their products differently. Why? The short answer is that they can, as the buyers aren’t aware of the pricing of Sildenafil and Tadalafil in detail.

Don’t pay a premium for the same product.

  • These vendors spend a lot of money on marketing, so once you visit their websites, you are constantly being presented with all the bells and whistles they have to offer. However, you should disregard all this and focus on customer service quality, refund policy, dosages, and pricing. That’s it!

Comparing Huge, BlueChew, Hims, and GetRoman

  • ED Product Offerings 
    • Get Roman: Sildenafil, Generic Viagra, Viagra, Generic Cialis, Cialis
    • Hims: Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Viagra, Cialis
    • BlueChew: Tadalafil, Sildenafil
    • Huge: Tadalafil, Sildenafil
  • Are ED-meds FDA-approved?
    • Get Roman: Yes
    • Hims: Yes
    • BlueChew: No, only the active ingredients (Sildenafil & Tadalafil) are FDA approved.
    • Huge: No, only the active ingredients (Sildenafil & Tadalafil) are FDA approved.
  • Virtual doctor’s visit?
    • Get Roman: Yes
    • Hims: Yes
    • BlueChew: Yes
    • Huge: Yes
  • ED meds prescription provided by the company’s physicians?
    • Get Roman: Yes
    • Hims: Yes
    • BlueChew: Yes
    • Huge: Yes
  • New patient approval period
    • Get Roman: 24 to 48 hours
    • Hims: 24 to 48 hours
    • BlueChew: 24 to 48 hours
    • Huge: 24 to 48 hours
Cost Per Sildenafil TabletDosage
Get Roman: $440mg
Hims: $440mg
BlueChew: $3.530mg
Huge: $3.650mg
Cost Per Tadalafil TabletDosage
Get Roman: $85mg
Hims: $85mg
BlueChew: $56mg
Huge: $5.510mg

Key Takeaway: BlueChew offers the best price per pill.

*Average price calculations are based on different subscription plans (the number of tablets varies). The general rule is that the more you buy, the cheaper it gets per pill.  

My experience:

I’ve been a subscriber of the BlueChew Tadalafil Plan (7 tablets per month) for 5 months now and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. My wife can confirm this…

  • Shipping fee
    • Get Roman: Free
    • Hims: Free
    • BlueChew: $5
    • Huge: Free
  • Shipping speed
    • Get Roman: 2-4 days
    • Hims: 3-5 days
    • BlueChew: 2-4 days
    • Huge: 2-4 days
  • Shipping policy
    • Get Roman: Doesn’t accept returns.
    • Hims: Doesn’t accept returns.
    • BlueChew: Doesn’t accept returns.
    • Huge: Doesn’t accept returns.
  • Is the packaging discreet?
    • Get Roman: Yes
    • Hims: Yes
    • BlueChew: Yes
    • Huge: Yes
  • Can you pause your subscription?
    • Get Roman: Yes
    • Hims: Yes
    • BlueChew: Yes
    • Huge: Yes
  • Online visit costs
    • Get Roman: Initial consultation is $15
    • Hims: Primary care visit is $39
    • BlueChew: Free
    • Huge: Free
  • Trustpilot rating
    • Get Roman: 3.2/5 stars
    • Hims: 3.9/5 stars
    • BlueChew: 3.2/5 stars
    • Huge: N/A
  • Customer reviews
    • According to Trustpilot, 59% of the people rate Get Roman service as bad or poor. Most of the Get Roman subscribers think that ED meds’ pricing is too high and customer care isn’t very responsive. Some customers have even said that their subscriptions are being charged but never delivered. 
    • According to Trustpilot, 16% of the people rate Hims as bad or poor. Most of the customers are happy with the variety of products Hims offers, and the availability of doctors stands out as well. At the same time, there are plenty of customers who complain about too high price levels, subscriptions not arriving on time, and unresponsive customer service. 
    • There are not many BlueChew reviews available on Trustpilot. However, there are tons of positive reviews available on their website.
    • Huge doesn’t have any Trustpilot reviews available.

Other Helpful Resources

We have put together an in-depth comparison article, titled “Roman vs BlueChew vs Hims“. Tons of value there, so definitely worth reading.


I’ve tried out ED meds from all 4 online pharmacies discussed above. For me, the experience has always been pleasant and I don’t have anything negative to say about any of them.

This leads me back to the point I was trying to make in the introduction of this blog post – Sildenafil & Tadalafil are commodity products (like sugar), which means that you should compare these online pharmacies based on ED meds’ dosage size and pricing.

In this respect, Bluechew stands out as a clear winner. The company also offers a great customer service experience. Most importantly, you can try out Bluehew worry-free as it’s the only online pharmacy that offers a FREE trial.

If you are looking to get ED meds online, BlueChew is the way to go, no doubt about it.

Erectile Dysfunction

How To Order Generic Viagra From India?

Historically, online guidance regarding procuring generic sildenafil citrate (Viagra) from India has been lacking, presenting those seeking inexpensive access to erectile dysfunction (ED) medication with uncertainty.

India has captured dominant market share in global generic drug manufacturing, with annual exports reaching $19 billion, due to factors MAINLY like low production costs. This has led some Western consumers to purchase generics like sildenafil online from India to capitalize on pricing differences. Reports suggest some vendors offer genuine sildenafil at 10-20% of U.S. prescription costs.

However, legal risks exist. Personal importation of prescription medications for personal use violates regulations in most developed countries. Product quality assurance is also a concern with international pharmacies.

Per the WHO, 10% of global pharmaceutical commerce is counterfeit products, with 50% originating in India. Counterfeit PDE5-inhibitors often contain excessive doses, Printer ink, paint, or toxic adulterants. Risk of obtaining ineffective or dangerous counterfeits is high.

Alternatives exist to safely access genuine ED treatments at reduced costs compared to U.S. retail pricing through legitimate prescribing and licensed domestic pharmacies following telehealth consultations. While requiring clinical need be established, this avenue provides affordable treatment access without legal and health risks of unregulated drug importation.

Spoiler alert – I visited (FDA-approved products). This website allows you to order Cialis or any other ED pills perfectly legally at the convenience of your home. 

You could also consider testing out BlueChew. They offer a first-month FREE trial, so you can try it worry-free.

bluechew samples

Why Should You Order Viagra Online From India?

Since Pfizer organization, one of the largest manufacturers of different medications, lost the patent for Viagra manufacturing, the markets opened up and Indian competitors saw the opportunity.1 But, with a huge number of people now cashing in on the little blue tablet, it can be difficult to distinguish who’s still a credible seller. 

16 companies across the globe were approved to create Sildenafil Citrate – the main active ingredient that makes your penis hard and erect.2 Six of these firms were located in India:

  • Dr Reddy’s
  • Torrent Pharmaceuticals
  • Ajanta Pharma
  • Hetero Drugs
  • Rubicon Research
  • Macleods Pharmaceuticals.

Many researchers predicted this would send the price of the blue tablets crashing down by more than 80–90 percent. It was great news for its consumers (like me), but not so good for Pfizer revenues. Pfizer patent rights officially ended in 2020 in America, which means that the online world will continue to present us with new websites that have Viagra sales at the best possible prices. 

Looking back a couple of years, Pfizer actually released a generic version in 2017 at a 50% discount compared to the original price. Nevertheless, it’s still widely believed that Indian competitors can lower the price even further, and will, therefore, steal the market share from U.S. competitors. 

How Did Viagra Come About? 

Viagra is a well-known drug (PDE5 inhibitor), in fact, it’s probably the best solution on the market next to Cialis and other options for treating erection-related problems. Surprisingly, it was actually discovered by chance when Pfizer was testing this drug for hypertension.  

Sildenafil was first thought to treat chest infections among other health concerns. However, it was soon discovered (during live trials) that it had more pronounced effects on male participants. The conclusion of the study was that all men got an erection after taking the now well-known tablet.

At this point, Pfizer knew they had found something amazing and so, going forward, their focus shifted to treating erectile dysfunction. It must be noted that, at that point, there weren’t any similar products out there (that was in the 1990s). The Food and Drug Administration approved it in 1998, and soon after, this magic tablet was being sold across the U.S. to men struggling with achieving and maintaining an erection.

A fun fact – more than 150,000 prescriptions for the new magical medicine were given out by doctors to their patients in America within the first 2–3 weeks of it going on sale. As always, with great success comes great attention, and the blue pill got famous overnight.  

Soon after, placebo and fake versions emerged to the market. Different companies tried to get their hands on this valuable drug as well, so a lot of scams emerged around ordering it online. In 2012, Pfizer created a poll among users that indicated that a massive 80 percent of online purchases led to fake versions. That is huge!

How To Avoid Fakes Online?

Let’s face it, the inability to get hard is an embarrassing problem and not everybody wants to discuss their erection problems with their physician face to face. Since a lot of men feel extremely shy talking about such a personal topic, which, surprise-surprise, makes them search online.

When you type the words “buy Viagra” into the Google search bar, you will be faced with tens of thousands of sites offering you tablets without a prescription or at a discounted price. 

Pay Attention To The Price

You’ll be presented with many sites that offer Viagra tablets at a fraction of the generic tablet price, which raises suspicion – at least to me. There is a high likelihood that if the price is much lower than what everybody else is selling the pills for, then they’re most likely trying to sell tablets that won’t work or have some serious side effects.

Do I Need a Prescription If I Order Viagra Online?

Technically – yes, as this PDE5 inhibitor (Viagra) is considered a prescription medication in the United States. However, I don’t know anyone who has been in legal trouble for ordering blue pills online for personal use.

During your online exploration of this topic, you’ll run into search results for sites offering to sell you medications online without any kind of prescription requirement, and – if you are like me, you’ll be eager to buy from them. The main reason is that you don’t need to share your health information about your embarrassing erection problem with your doctor and that makes it all just very convenient. 

Please listen to my advice on this one and avoid these sites at all costs as most of them sell you fake products. In other words, you’ll end up buying ED pills that just don’t work. 

It’s totally fine to order from some of these sites if you’re living in England or Egypt, as in these countries it is an over-the-counter drug. However, in the US, this is not the case yet sadly. 

Is There a Website I Can Trust?

Yes, there is. Based on my own experience I can strongly vouch for I’ve ordered Viagra and Cialis from this website multiple times and I’ve always been pleased with the quality of pills as well as shipping and customer service.

This online pharmacy stands out for:

  • Very competitive prices
  • Free samples
  • Full Refunds in case your package is not delivered
  • Fast Delivery
  • Fast and Safe Shipping (you’ll receive your order tracking number)
  • Discreet Packaging
  • Delivery to your door with no signature required when picking up your package
  • Returning customers get extra 10 pills for free
  • Accept PayPal, Master Card, Visa, American Express
Generic Viagra 100 Tabs

Alternatives To Ordering ED Meds Online? 

Truth be told, there is a legal way of ordering Viagra online without the need for a physical appointment at your doctors’ office. You can actually avoid fake tablets by having an online consultation with a licensed Huge physician. 

Have you ever heard of BlueChew? It is a very discreet and professional U.S.-based company focusing on men’s health. I usually don’t write about such personal topics, but I have to say that I was extremely impressed with the service quality I received from the BlueChew team. 

BlueChew offers a first-month FREE trial so you can try it risk-free.

This is how it works:

  1. Create a personal account on their website, and receive a free consultation about your ED condition.
  2. They will provide you with a BlueChew prescription (Tadalafil or Sildenafil generics), and then you can order a plan that best suits you financially.
  3. They used to offer free samples, but since their business took off, they stopped. However, they still offer ED treatment pills at the cheapest cost among similar companies.
  4. The best part is that the entire process is taken care of without you even needing to step outside of your home. 

With BlueChew, you will get the best and discreet service, and utmost security when it comes to ordering ED drugs online. BlueChew is a reputable name in the online pharmaceutical industry and is trusted by many. I am more than happy to recommend BlueChew when it comes to ordering budget-friendly generic Sildenafil and Tadalafil online.

Order Viagra Online From India Or Try ViaBestBuys or BlueChew?

There’s a very sizable marketplace out there, selling Viagra across the globe. If you do decide to order online, it’s extremely important that you only place your order on highly trusted websites to make sure that you’re receiving absolutely safe ED pills.

In my experience, the best website to order generic Viagra online is ViaBestBuys, and I would highly recommend you to head over to their site. I am saying this as for me it took quite a bit of time to take action, but when I did, Immediately realized that I should have done that much-much earlier. 

ViaBestBuys offers free samples for you to try out, so why not and take advantage of that?

BlueChew is a great option as well, particularly when you consider their one-month FREE-trial offering.

Erectile Dysfunction

Does BlueChew Work? My Wife Says It Does

When browsing for ED meds you’ll be presented with numerous pills that claim to be the best on the market. Unfortunately, 95% of ED meds that you can get online don’t really work. So, how do you know which one to choose? How do you know which one will really work and solve your problems in the bedroom?

I admit that I haven’t tried all the ed tablets available online but that doesn’t make me less of an expert. In fact, my wife and I are very grateful that we stumble upon BlueChew and didn’t need to navigate long to find an erectile dysfunction that does actually work.

Check out our BlueChew vs Competition article for further information.

Erectile Dysfunction

Free Viagra Samples And Trials

Erectile dysfunction (ED), defined as the persistent inability to attain and maintain penile erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse, affects approximately 5% of men over the age of 40 years according to epidemiological data. This prevalence equates to around 2.125 million cases among males in this demographic segment based on current U.S. population estimates. That mean’s there are potentially more than 2 million males in the U.S. who are interested in free viagra samples and trials.

Coming to terms with ED, a condition fraught with psychosocial complexity, was a personal struggle I had to overcome. However, I now believe it is a medical condition that should not confer stigma or shame. In today’s society, topics related to sexual health have gained more open discourse, and patients should feel comfortable discussing ED with healthcare professionals.

While seeking treatment for ED can be discomfiting for some, the financial burden of pharmacological therapies can also confer significant distress. Market research indicates the average annual cost for popular prescription ED medications like PDE5-inhibitors can range from $1,500 to upwards of $5,000 without health insurance coverage. This underscores the necessity of transparent doctor-patient communication regarding evidence-based, accessible treatment options.

I’ve had personal challenges with ED for years now but I’m not eager to risk spending money on a product that potentially has no positive effects. If you are a cautious person like me, follow my footsteps as I searched for websites that offers free samples at no cost:

  • Where to buy Viagra?
  • How much does it usually cost?
  • What are the alternatives?
  • What is Generic Viagra?
  • The best website to get free samples of Viagra.

How Can I Get My Hands On Free Viagra Samples?

There is just one way: Online.

If you are like me and want free Viagra samples, preferably at no shipping cost as well, it’s time to browse the Internet. You’d be surprised to learn that some companies will mail it to your doorstep for you to try. Here is a list of websites that offer free generic and brand name Viagra, and Tadalafil:


BlueChew is a somewhat unique company when it comes to their product, as they have something entirely different on the menu – chewable doses for convenient use. This creative spin allows you to use their product without a glass of water that tablets generally require.

BlueChew offers a first-month FREE trial so you can try it risk-free.

blue chew chewables

Bluechew operates in the United States. They are shipping to most states and are in the process of being approved in all 50 states.

To cancel your prescription with Bluechew, all you have to do is contact them by mail or phone, and they will do the rest.

Huge | Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Offers

Unfortunately, Huge stopped offering free samples. But, they are still the number one player on the market in terms of providing the cheapest Sildenafil and Tadalafil.

Huge is a telehealth company that specializes in personalized subscription-based access to generic versions of Sildenafil and Tadalafil. The company is associated with an accredited pharmacy and they have a network of doctors that will help you choose ED meds that work best for you, and write a prescription for them.

Huge Free Trial

Even though Huge doesn’t offer free tablets, they charge new users only $1 for their first subscription plan – which is practically free. In addition, they have 100% free shipping on all orders. And, you should receive your prescription ED meds in less than a week.

Also worth mentioning that Huge offers both Sildenafil and Tadalafil at higher dosages than Hims, Roman, and Bluechew.

All in all, Huge stands out as a secure online pharmacy shipping across the U.S. It’s definitely worth checking them out.

How To Cancel Your Subscription?

Login to your account with your email address and hit the cancel button. It’s that simple.

ViaBestBuys | Best Price But Shipping Can Be Expensive

ViaBestBuys is another reputable online pharmacy that offers a multitude of high-quality prescription tablets for individuals who struggle with ED. This site sells generics that are just as potent as the branded products. All ED meds are FDA-approved and you can choose different doses at various prices.

They offer free samples, but the regular shipping cost applies. There is a loophole though that you can use to your advantage – order free tablets for all of their products and you will get more value for your buck since the cost of shipping will remain the same.

It is worth noting that they also run promotions that give their customers free tablets on every order.

Free ED Trial Pack Samples


They are shipping worldwide, though South Africa and a few other countries are excluded. The shipping normally takes 7 – 10 days within the United States and a few days longer for international orders.

Get Roman ED

Get Roman website offers an online pharmacy service that is focused on multiple areas of sexual health. It has numerous professional doctors ready to relieve your erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Doctor consultations, becoming a member, and delivering your erectile dysfunction pills are all free of charge. Basically, you just need to pay for your ED treatment, and they will mail the medications to you. It’s that simple. 

I did quite a bit of research and found that they stopped offering free samples.


Get Roman is delivering in a limited number of states which are Florida, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington. The shipping normally takes two days but delays of up to a week can occur.

Canceling My Subscription

Patients may cancel their prescription with Roman easily. You simply turn off the auto-payments and switch to On-demand mode. You can do so via logging into your account using your email address or asking them via phone or email.

Hims ED

Hims website provides a similar service to Roman. However, besides focusing on various areas of sexual health, they also offer other products (hair loss products and vitamins). On their website, you have access to different brand names and generic ED tablets.

Hims Free Samples

Even though they don’t offer ED tablet samples for free, there are other resources at your disposal, such as searching the internet for coupon links that give you a sample pack. Due to the sheer amount of tablet categories on the Hims website and the quality guaranteed, it may be worth your while to keep an eye out for coupon posts.


Hims is shipping within the United States only and the delivery usually takes under a week.

How To Cancel My Subscription?

Canceling your prescriptions with them is simple, but you will need to do it at least two days before your active program is due. Just use your email address to log in to their site and let Hims know that you wish to cancel the subscription.

Pfizer Free Samples

Unfortunately, Pfizer doesn’t provide their customers with free samples.

ED Combo Pack 100 Tabs

Over-The-Counter Viagra

In general, pharmacies are one of the best places to get Viagra if you want to avoid an embarrassing trip to your doctor’s. However, the real version, named Viagra Connect, is only available over the counter in England. If you want to skip the air travel and get straight to the pill in U.S., you’ll have to buy the generic version instead.

Many men call this non-brand name stuff just Viagra. Since the active ingredient is the same, it’s not completely incorrect.2

When you decide to purchase the generic version, the pharmacist will ask you several health-related questions. This is because they want to understand your current health conditions, and how you’ve reacted to different medications in the past.

If you want to avoid a series of questions when buying over the counter, you’re in tough luck. In that case, you might as well go and get a prescription from a physician.

Maybe one of the reasons you want to buy over the counter is because you’re praying for a free sample pack. I hate to break it to you, but you’re probably out of luck there, too. The fact is that pharmacies won’t let people take medicine samples home just to try them out. 

As you can imagine, the free branded one is very difficult to come by, but various online pharmacies offer free samples of Sildenafil-based erectile dysfunction pills – they’re a lot cheaper than the original brand Viagra. There is no difference in their efficacy (branded and non-branded). Only the price differs, being much cheaper for non-branded pills. 

Does Sildenafil Really Work?

This is how Sildenafil works: 

  • Originally it was developed to treat high blood pressure.
  • It prevents the relaxation of veins in the penis. This is achieved by blocking PDE5 enzymes, which relax veins, causing the flaccid state.3
  • It increases the blood flow in patients to obtain and maintain a stronger erection.4
  • It increases libido in patients by enhancing testosterone levels in your body.5 6

It is a fast-acting medication that kicks in within 30 to 60 minutes after swallowing a pill for most people. However, in some rare cases, it may take up to 1.5 to 2 hours. Once in your system, it stays active for 4 to 6 hours – long enough for you to take advantage of it (multiple times in my case :)).7

The Cost of 50mg Viagra

According to numerous visits to pharmacies, one50mg or 100mg Viagra pills will cost you around $60. Non-branded substitute doses go for half the cost. That’s great news for tighter budgets like me. 8

Are Cialis and Tadalafil the Same Thing?

The simple truth is that the brand-name product for Tadalafil pills is Cialis, and you would be happy to learn that a physician can offer you a prescription for it.

Is Sildenafil Better Than Tadalafil?

The only difference between these two is that Tadalafil works for a longer period, compared to Sildenafil in Viagra. It’s kind of a daily ED supplement for fighting erectile dysfunction in patients. Tadalafil can stay in the bloodstream for up to 24 to 36 hours.9

Please pay attention: this is an alternative to Viagra. It’s not an alternative ED treatment available OTC – you won’t be getting branded Tadalafil without a prescription from a doctor.

However, you can still order generic Tadalafil for less money online, if you decide to go down that route.

Taking Viagra Without a Prescription

In general, taking Viagra without a prescription is safe. However, always exercise caution when taking ED meds. Consulting with a medical professional beforehand for further information is always recommended. Avoid taking Viagra when suffering from a heart condition.

Viagra Side Effects

  • Back Pain
  • Blurry Vision
  • Hot flushes
  • Rash
  • Dizziness

Viagra Free Trial Final Verdict

BlueChew is the go-to online pharmacy for the cheapest and highest dosage Sildenafil and Tadalafil. You can take BlueChew to a risk-free test drive, so there is nothing to lose in my opinion.

I am placing ViaBestBuys in the second place since they offer a number of Viagra samples for free, but the shipping cost can be a deterrent.

Get Roman, Hims and Huge are all staple company names in the industry but all of them have stopped offering free Viagra samples.

Erectile Dysfunction

Hims Vs Roman Vs BlueChew | Which Erectile Dysfunction Pill To Choose?

DISCLAIMER: This article contains affiliate links. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission. Medically reviewed by Dr. Shalaka Samant.

Erectile dysfunction (ED), clinically defined as the persistent inability to achieve and maintain a penile erection adequate for satisfactory sexual intercourse, can manifest as failure to attain tumescence, only partial tumescence, or loss of rigidity during coitus.

Per epidemiological studies, approximately 30 million men in the United States suffer from some degree of ED, with prevalence increasing with age from 5% in men aged 40 years to 15-25% by age 65 years.

Beyond sexual frustration, ED can engender psychosocial distress like embarrassment, diminished self-esteem, and relationship stress based on qualitative reports.

Thankfully, evidence-based pharmacological therapies for ED approved by regulatory bodies like the FDA and supported by extensive randomized controlled trials exist, including PDE5-inhibitors like sildenafil and tadalafil.

This analysis compares popular direct-to-consumer ED treatment modalities from companies like Hims, Roman, and BlueChew, assessing their relative efficacy, safety profiles, costs, and convenience based on published clinical data.

Benefits of Online Prescription Erection Medications

  • Proven by science to be effective.
  • Have been tested for safety.
  • Cost-effective solutions.
  • Target your particular erectile dysfunction issue.
  • No embarrassing in-person visits to the doctor.

What Are Hims vs Roman vs BlueChew?

In essence, these three brands are very similar—and are hence suitable for this comparison article.

Hims, Roman, and BlueChew are all online-based subscription services—you sign up and then receive scientifically proven treatments for erectile dysfunction delivered to your door.

Notice what I mentioned? They are all scientifically proven.

Bro, I know what it’s like.

Your email spam folder is probably full of pills claiming to either make your penis bigger or harder. You only have to type the words ‘penis pills’ into Google, and you’ll have page upon page of tablet offers—all promising the world.

The issue is, that most of these are complete trash.

These ‘miracle’ pills often contain ingredients that are no more effective than placebos. Or, if they do include some beneficial compounds, they’re typically so underdosed that they wouldn’t stir the manhood of a mouse.

This is where the Hims vs Roman vs BlueChew battle raises the bar—their ED treatments are effective, and backed by peer research.

doctor doing research

You read that right.

These three brands offer one or more of the following solutions:

1) Sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra)

Everyone knows Viagra—or its unbranded generic equivalent, sildenafil. This pill revolutionized the erectile dysfunction world in the 1990s, rendering the previous treatments of penile injections and vacuum pumps obsolete.

Scientists describe this treatment as a PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitor. As such, it has two functions:

  • Blocking the enzymes that prevent the attainment of a firm phallus.
  • Elevating nitric oxide levels, boosting blood flow to your member, making it hard.

2) Tadalafil (the active ingredient in Cialis)

Like sildenafil, the equally potent tadalafil works as a PDE5 inhibitor.

Its difference lies in its half-life. That is, for how long this treatment remains active in your body. Sildenafil possesses a comparatively short half-life of about four hours, while tadalafil is considerably longer at 36 hours.

Your choice depends on your particular circumstances.

If you feel you’re going to get lucky today—but not sure exactly when—tadalafil would be the ideal option. So, knock one back before you go to a party or social gathering, and you’ll be able to achieve a hard-on for the next 36 hours.

Tadalafil erectile dysfunction pills

Conversely, take sildenafil relatively close to intercourse time, making it frequently the choice of couples, where each partner is aware when sex will happen.

Just bear in mind, even with the 36-hour action of tadalafil, you’re not going to be constantly sporting a massive rigid rod. You still need stimulation to kick off the erection system.

3) Avanafil (the active ingredient in Stendra)

Again, avanafil is another PDE5 inhibitor—with a similar half-life to sildenafil.

Some studies indicate that avanafil has a higher success rate than Viagra. However, being a relative newcomer to the erectile dysfunction market—first hitting the shelves in 2012—research is limited, and its long-term effects are unknown.

I know what you’re thinking while reading this Hims vs Roman v BlueChew article:

Sounds great! But aren’t all these treatments prescription only?

Stick with me, buddy, and I’ll let you into a secret.

The Legality of Roman vs Hims vs BlueChew

For years, it’s been possible to purchase sildenafil, tadalafil, and avanafil on the internet—or at least products claiming that they’re the real deal.

Many guys, not wanting the embarrassment of visiting their doctors, searched and purchased these apparent erectile dysfunction solvers online.

Often with unfortunate results.

As it was illegal to retail these drugs without a prescription, many website vendors were breaking the law, meaning you had to make surreptitious purchases with that feeling of guilt in the back of your mind.

Furthermore, many sites were—and in some cases, still are— fronts for scams. You’d make a payment on your credit card, and then never see any product in return. Alternatively, you may receive a bottle of pills labeled ‘Viagra,’ but inside was nothing but sugar pills or tablets that actually contained harmful ingredients.

However, Hims, Roman and BlueChew are different.

All three of these companies allow you to purchase original sildenafil, tadalafil, or avanafil (not available on BlueChew) online entirely legally.

man smiling

How? Because they provide you with a prescription before mailing out the product.

Following telemedicine regulations, these companies employ licensed medical providers to practice in the majority of US states. They examine your symptoms and medical history online and, if suitable, prescribe the above medications—although some are excluded due to particular state laws.

How to Purchase Hims, Roman or BlueChew

While the ordering system varies slightly, the typical process is as follows:

  1. Sign up to the website (use “PLPROJECT” code & get first month FREE).
  2. Complete an online health questionnaire and submit.
  3. Upload an image of your government ID to prove who you are and that you’re over 18.
  4. A physician—licensed to practice in your home state—will examine your health questionnaire to ensure that the pills are a suitable treatment for your erectile dysfunction.
  5. The medical provider may ask you to provide a recent blood pressure reading. If you haven’t had such a check in the last six months, then you can obtain a blood pressure figure by visiting a clinic or pharmacy—or buying a home kit.
  6. You’ll receive contact details of your online physician in case you have any questions or issues.
  7. Assuming all is well, the medical provider will issue a prescription, and you sit and wait for your pills to arrive at your door.
  8. Consume the tablets and enjoy a concrete-column of an erection.

As subscription services Hims, Roman, and BlueChew allow you to receive your medications every month without having to reorder. Just choose the number of treatments you require!

Bear in mind that you’ll probably need more than you think. Once you start enjoying a rock-hard ramrod, your confidence and appetite in the bedroom will undoubtedly grow.

Hims vs Roman v BlueChew—Down to the Detail

While, initially, they’re very similar solutions, these three brands do have some distinctive characteristics:

Himsfor hims erectile dysfunction pills website snapshot


This brand decided to steer away from the current stereotypical erectile dysfunction sufferer and give its products a much broader appeal.

In 2017, Andrew Dudam founded this company. Kicking off with $7M of venture capital investment, this guy took a new approach.

Dudam was annoyed that the vast majority of erection enhancers were aimed at older guys—when, in truth, men of all ages were struggling with limp dicks. He said that most pill providers used the following demographic:

“For a really long time, you’d think of an affluent white male. He’s 65, he’s graying.”

Hence, to combat this discrimination, Dudam founded an online resource targeting man between 20 and 55 years who had erectile dysfunction.

Product Choices

This company offers a wide spectrum of proven solutions to erectile dysfunction. In consultation with your online physician, you have the choice between:

  • Viagra: a branded form of sildenafil.
  • Generic sildenafil.
  • Cialis: a branded form of tadalafil.
  • Generic tadalafil.
  • Stendra: a branded form of avanafil.

We’ve already explored the difference between sildenafil, tadalafil, and avanafil, but what about the decision between branded or generic? For example, Viagra or sildenafil?

In short, it’s cost and kudos.

Branded examples are generally harder on the pocket than their generic counterparts and come with brand awareness. Inside, the pills are the same and are equally as efficient.

Dosage and Subscription Options

Perhaps the most significant downside of this service is the lack of transparency in subscription packages and doses.

Its site indicates that these variables are to be discussed and appropriately selected by your online physician. While this is admirable and advisable, some example packages would provide useful comparison information. However, the company explains that you can select between quarterly or monthly deliveries.

Additional Information

With your online account, you can snooze, postpone or completely cancel your subscription at any point. That said, the company indicates that, should you wish to make any changes, you must give them at least 48 hours’ notice before your next delivery is due.


  • Five different products: wide range of erectile dysfunction solutions.
  • The site sells a range of men’s health products, including COVID-19 tests.
  • Choice of monthly or quarterly deliveries.


  • The online site lacks transparency: you need to begin an order to find out information.
  • Some users found that customer services took a long time to respond to queries.

Romanroman ed pills website snapshotAbout

This is a brand that was formed out of both frustration and necessity.

Zachariah Reitano, the founder of Roman, was an erectile dysfunction sufferer. With this penile issue leading him to low self-esteem and depression, he looked online for a solution.

However, he was dismayed to find that, according to him, 80 percent of Viagra retailed through websites was fake. And, while he understood that he could visit his physician, he wanted to avoid the embarrassment of discussing such personal issues.

Hence, he formed Roman—a legal way to obtain prescription erectile dysfunction treatments without any stigma.

Product Choices

In consultation with an online doctor licensed to practice in your state, the company offers a choice of:

  • Sildenafil.
  • Viagra.
  • Cialis.

From these options, sildenafil is the most budget-friendly, followed by Cialis, and then Viagra as the hardest on the pocket.

Dosage and Subscription Options

While you’ll agree your prescription in conjunction with your physician, the current doses available are:

  • Sildenafil: 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100mg.
  • Viagra: 25, 50 and 100mg.
  • Cialis: 2.5, 5, 10 and 20mg.

You can elect for monthly or quarterly deliveries, with an option to postpone or cancel your order at any time.

As the company will automatically rebill you, there’s no need to worry about reordering every few weeks—meaning you’ll always have these bedroom boosters available. However, if you wish, you can choose an on-demand service with no auto-billing.

Additional Information

The company offers a two-day shipping option—allowing you to get down and dirty in the bedroom as quickly as possible. Furthermore, they provide unlimited doctor follow-ups.


  • Transparent pricing policy.
  • A choice of three erectile dysfunction treatments.
  • Wide range of doses.


  • Despite offering two-day delivery, some customers indicated it took longer.
  • Lengthy health questionnaire.

How Much Do Hims and Roman Cost Per Month?

Hims and Roman offer monthly subscriptions as a part of their pricing strategy. Both hims and Roman offer per-dose pricing for erectile dysfunction and hair loss medications. Roman subscription options start at around $17 a month, while hims uses an entry point of $20 a month.

hims vs roman

However, it must be noted that these are just entry prices. Eventually, your individual need will determine the final monthly cost. This is based upon the dosage and frequency of use determined by an online health practitioner.


bluechew ed pills

If ever a company broke the mold in erectile dysfunction treatments, it’s BlueChew.

Founded in 2012, it’s revolutionized the men’s health market by introducing chewable treatments to address less-than-rigid ramrods.

In short, no more pills.

While having erectile dysfunction is incredibly common and, therefore, nothing to be ashamed of, you hardly want to shout to the world that your Johson is misfiring.

The beauty of BlueChew is that it provides a highly discreet method of gaining a mighty boner. Simply pop one of these candy-flavored treatments in your mouth, and chew.

Let’s face it, if you’re hitting it off with a girl, and you think sex is on the cards. It could appear a little presumptuous if you whip out your blister pack of Viagra.

With BlueChew, you simply chew an innocent sweet.

Furthermore, these will appeal to those guys who have trouble swallowing tablets, which means they don’t need to source a glass of water.

BlueChew Product Choices

The ethos behind BlueChew is simplicity.

It offers just two treatment choices—sildenafil and tadalafil—so there’s no confusion with mixing them in with Viagra or Cialis:

  • Want long-lasting, all-day readiness? Opt for tadalafil.
  • Alternatively, if you prefer to consume your chewable immediately before intercourse, go for sildenafil.

BlueChew Dosage and Subscriptions

For me, one of the largest appeals of BlueChew is the choice of options. Depending on the frequency of your sex life, you can select a dose and volume to match. Currently, they offer:

Sildenafil BlueChew 30 mg or 45 mg

  • Active plan: 6 chews.
  • Busy plan: 10 chews.
  • Popular plan: 17 chews
  • Pro plan: 34 chews.

Tadalafil BlueChew 6 mg or 9 mg

  • Active plan: 4 chews.
  • Busy plan: 7 chews (This is my favorite).
  • Popular plan: 14 chews.
  • Pro plan: 28 chews.

Once you’ve completed your online questionnaire, you’ll receive your chosen BlueChew plan monthly. At any time, you can cancel or place on hold your prescription—with no cost or penalty.

Furthermore, the manufacturer indicates that it’ll deliver these chewables to your door in plain packaging. Your mailman won’t know you’re receiving ED treatments from BlueChew!

BlueChew Additional Information

Not only is BlueChew discreet, easy to take and one of the most competitively priced erection pill brands on the market, it also has the benefit of:

  • A 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the product.
  • The company (BlueChew) adheres to the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 1996), which dictates that only certified medical practitioners dealing with your online account can access your private health information.
  • Promises to attend to your application within 48 hours.
  • BlueChew offers a first-month FREE trial so you can try it risk-free.

BlueChew Pros

  • Simple choice: sildenafil or tadalafil.
  • Suitable for those guys who can’t take tablets or swallow pills.
  • Discreet.
  • Delivered in discreet packaging.
  • Wide choice of subscription options.

BlueChew Cons

  • Can’t purchase branded products.

BlueChew Testimonials

blue chew testimonials

Huge ED Meds is an online pharmacy dedicated to treating erectile dysfunction just like Hims, Roman, and BlueChew.

They focus on providing personalized subscriptions, so you could get a plan that really works best for you.

Orders are delivered in a discreet package and right to your doorstep.

Hims vs Roman v BlueChew Conclusion

When your manhood isn’t as firm and long-lasting as you’d like, sex either goes downhill or becomes non-existent.

For years, guys have been purchasing illegal or fake treatments online.

But, no more.

With these retailers, the average Joe can now obtain prescription-grade solutions—without having an embarrassing conversation with their physician.

And, while they’re all welcomed, BlueChew stands above the rest.

A discreet pill, available as either sildenafil or tadalafil, you know you’re obtaining a scientifically proven solution.

What’s more, delivered in plain-packaging, a simple online questionnaire for your prescription, and a plethora of subscription options mean that it’s the most bespoke and budget-friendly of all the online retailers.

So, don’t suffer from a floppy phallus—take the initiative and check out BlueChew.

When it comes to choosing the best online pharmacy for treating ED, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is buying low-price and effective ED meds from a trusted pharmacy important for me?
  • Is fast and caring customer service important for me?
  • Is free shipping important for me?

If your answer to these questions was “yes”, I’d definitely recommend you to check out BlueChew.

How Are Hims and Roman and BlueChew Brands Different?

Roman goes for a more professional and medical-focused approach while hims is clearly differentiating itself via modern design. Both hims and Roman use very clear marketing messages and directly emphasize getting prescription medications delivered to your door without the hassle of needing to visit the pharmacy. The same is true for BlueChew.

Hims branding includes a lighter-touch to tough topics like erectile dysfunction and hair loss. BlueChew and Roman branding reflect more professionalism around such embarrassing and uncomfortable problems. Both of these companies’ websites emphasize physicians’ certifications, accreditations, medical advice, online doctor consultations, and their service discreteness.

Should Hims and Roman Switch To Value-based Pricing Model?

Both companies use a static, cost-plus pricing model, which was expected as it is a standard among prescription companies. However, switching to a value-based pricing-model could bring in incremental revenue for both companies as customers in different age segments are willing to pay different prices for the same product. 

Hims Vs BlueChew | Comparing The Best ED Meds

ForHims is a telemedicine pharmacy prescribing meds for hair loss and erectile dysfunction while BlueChew is solely focused on men who struggle with ED. BlueChew offers easy-to-swallow chewable tablets at $20 a month vs Hims starts at $20 as well. However, BlueChew offers a one-month free trial, so its subscription offers more value.

Roman vs Bluechew | Comparing The Best ED Meds

Roman and BlueChew are licensed digital men’s health clinics. While BlueChew sells only compounded erectile dysfunction medications, then Roman offers branded Viagra and Cialis as well. Roman’s US-licensed healthcare professionals also provide personalized treatment for hair loss, low testosterone, and premature ejaculation.

Roman’s licensed online pharmacy also sells branded ED medications, which means that you can order brand-name Viagra and Cialis online. The cost of brand-name erectile dysfunction medications is substantially higher compared to generic drugs. Original Viagra starts at $70 per dose while Cialis sells for $69 per dose.

BlueChew vs Roman

The 6 mg Tadalafil version of BlueChew costs $5 per dose while the 5 mg Tadalafil dose sells for $8 at Roman’s. The 30 mg BlueChew Sildenafil version costs $3.5 per pill vs Roman’s 40 mg sells for $4 per pill. Roman also offers 20 mg Sildenafil ED meds for $2 which is cheaper than BlueChew. However, BlueChew doesn’t have ED meds in such low dosages.

BlueChew vs Lemonaid

Lemonaid is a telemedicine provider offering treatment plans for men and women. They mainly focus on providing ED and birth control prescriptions online. The first online video consultations with a certified Lemonaid doctor is going to cost you $25. 

Once a licensed physician determines an appropriate treatment plan for your condition, you can collect your meds in a local pharmacy. Lemonaid’s ED pills pricing is very similar to other providers. Brand name Viagra & Cialis start at around $65 per-dose

BlueChew vs Keeps | How It Works & ED Treatment Pricing

BlueChew doesn’t see hair loss meds, so Keeps isn’t a direct competitor. Keeps offer online treatments that, at a first glance, seem very similar to Hims and Roman. The most important difference is that Keeps does not offer ED subscription plans. Keeps is mainly oriented towards offering treatment for hair loss prevention. 

Both Hims and Roman also offer these treatments, that’s why these companies often appear in searches together. So, if you’re looking for a Hims vs. Keeps comparison, you’ll only find hair loss treatments rather than ED tablets.

BlueChew vs PlushCare

PlushCare is widely known telehealth platforms out there today. They offer treatment to a wide range of health issues, starting from pre-exposure prophylaxis (also known as PrEP) and ending with ED pills. Something that’s very convenient about PlushCare is that its services are available on the desktop, and they also have a handy mobile app. 

PlushCare offers online consultations with experienced doctors. Your medical concerns will be discussed during an online appointment, and the doctor will then prescribe the appropriate meds for you. You should note that the doctors don’t give out ED prescriptions for those who are just looking to enhance their sexual performance. Erectile dysfunction pills will only be available for those with legitimate medical needs. The ED treatment pricing is very similar to Lemonaid’s. 

BlueChew vs BlinkHealth

Blink Health is very similar to Lemonaid as it is a comprehensive telemedicine provider offering ED meds among others. One big difference with Lemonaid is that the initial video consultation with a professional healthcare provider costs you only $5 instead of $25. Once you are approved for your treatment plan, you can sit back, relax and wait until erectile dysfunction pills arrive at your door. The cost of ED meds is again similar to Lemonaid’s pricing. 

BlueChew vs Viagra vs Cialis

BlueChew offers two different plans – Tadalafil (the active ingredient in Cialis) and Sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra). Both ingredients are FDA-approved for treating erectile dysfunction, but the BlueChew tablets itself are not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is Better: HIMS or Roman or BlueChew?

While all these brands offer the powerful and proven treatments of sildenafil and tadalafil, BlueChew, with its chewable form and wide range of subscription options, is the better product.

Does HIMS Really Work for ED?

Yes, HIMS really works for ED. Its men’s health products include the scientifically proven erection boosters of either sildenafil, tadalafil, and avanafil.

Does Hims and Roman or BlueChew Cause Hair Loss?

No, Hims and Roman or BlueChew don’t cause hair loss. In fact, studies indicate that sildenafil— a product of BlueChew, Hims and Roman—can reverse the effect of hair loss by stimulating growth.

How To Get ED Treatments Online?

We live in a new digital world where everything is just one click away. It’s only natural that ED MEDs among others are made available for online ordering.

With GetRoman, ForHims, and BlueChew you can have a conversation with licensed physicians online who are able to provide you an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan without you needing to leave the house. 

Many men consider ED as an embarrassing health condition and discussing it with their healthcare provider can cause a lot of anxiety. By using a telemedicine company, like Roman, hims, or BlueChew you can have this conversation at the convenience of your home. In some cases, you just need to fill out a health questionnaire and erectile dysfunction pills are sent your way. 

Having said that, it’s important to note that not all sites claiming to provide online healthcare consultations are legit. That’s why you should be very careful when getting ED treatment plans online.


With the companies discussed in this article, we did the legwork for our readers and we can confidently say that,, and provide trustworthy access to professional health care and ED pills online.

What Are The Other Solutions For Erectile Dysfunction?

Natural Remedies

There are a lot of sites that offer natural or homeopathic options to treat erectile dysfunction. You should, however, be wary of these remedies as these may not bring the wanted effects. Additionally, you should always consult with your doctor before initiating any treatment plans that aren’t FDA approved. 


Kegel, or pelvic floor exercises, are more commonly associated with women. However, these can also help prevent as well as treat erectile dysfunction symptoms in men. Kegel exercises will help maintain healthy blood circulation in your penis. You can do these exercises either by stopping your urine mid-stream, or just engaging these muscles while laying down, sitting or standing up. For best results, you should do about 10 to 20 reps each day. 


Prevention is key when fighting against erectile dysfunction, however, it’s technically not a remedy as such. One of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction is cardiovascular issues. You can successfully reduce the chances of getting ED by making healthy lifestyle choices. Make sure to eat a balanced diet, avoid smoking and drinking excess alcohol, and exercise regularly.