Erectile Dysfunction

Get Roman Subscription Based ED Meds Review

I experienced symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED), defined as the persistent inability to attain and maintain a penile erection satisfactory for sexual intercourse, over a 2-week period. Despite manual and oral sexual stimulation, my penis failed to become turgid, instead remaining flaccid, reminiscent of an uninflated balloon.

This engendered feelings of abasement and diminished masculinity. Per epidemiological studies, ED affects approximately 30 million men in the United States, with prevalence increasing from 5% at age 40 years to 15-25% by age 65 years. It constitutes the most prevalent male sexual health issue.

Seeking an efficacious solution before the unreliability caused relationship disruption, I discovered an online erectile dysfunction treatment called GetRoman.

GetRoman provides sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient in Viagra, following an online clinician consultation. In randomized controlled trials, sildenafil demonstrates robust efficacy for ED with a favorable safety profile.

After procuring sildenafil from GetRoman, I achieved satisfactory penile rigidification and improved sexual experience. I am availing this opportunity to share my favorable experience with accessible online ED treatment through a legitimate telehealth platform, GetRoman ED. For many men, such services may represent the ideal way to obtain evidence-based ED medication discreetly, affordably, and with proper clinical oversight.

What Is GetRoman ED?

Let me get the ball rolling in this GetRoman ED Pills Review with a quick overview of this life-saving product.

Zachariah Reitano founded the Roman company after suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) himself.

He wanted a simple process that could allow men with similar issues to solve their problems—without the embarrassment and stigma that visiting the doctor can involve.

The truth is—failure to achieve a hard penis is extremely common.

Experts tell us that by the age of 50 years—half of us guys will experience this demeaning problem.1

What separates GetRoman ED pills from the whole host of impotence-beating products available is twofold. They provide the two most effective erection pills on the market—sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis)—without having to visit your physician.2 3

This subscription-based service requires you to answer a few questions online—and your pills are sent to your doorstep.

Suitable for most men (depending on medical history) over the age of 18, GetRoman ED pills are ideal for guys who:

  • Have problems attaining or maintaining an erection.
  • Demand a harder and longer-lasting boner.
  • Find speaking to their doctor about penile issues embarrassing.
  • Want the convenience of home delivery.

Can GetRoman ED Pills Help With Premature Ejaculation?


However, Roman, the company behind the ED pills, provides a sister-service which also delivers premature ejaculation treatments to your door.

GetRoman ED Product/Service Options

I briefly mentioned above in this GetRoman ED review that you can have the choice of two different pills—sildenafil and tadalafil.

Every guy has heard of these two proven treatments, most likely under their brand names of Viagra and Cialis. Roman offers these products in both branded and generic forms—which can affect cost.

However, I’ll touch on those specifics later in this GetRoman ED review.

Firstly, let’s look at their function.

In many ways, their physiological action is very similar. 

Both sildenafil and tadalafil inhibit PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5)—enzymes that can prevent erection attainment. Furthermore, they elevate the efficacy of nitric oxide (thus leading to more blood in the penis—and a harder member).4

So, which one should you choose?

The key separating factor between these two treatments is their half-lives. In other words, how long they remain active within your body. Tadalafil has a long half-life of 17.5 hours, whereas sildenafil is much shorter at just four hours.5

Selecting your type depends on your requirements and current sexual circumstances.

Sildenafil needs to be ingested shortly before intercourse. Hence, as long as you know your penis is going to be called into action soon, and you have the opportunity to take it discreetly, this pill is ideal.

However, if you have a feeling sex may occur, but are unsure when, tadalafil may be more appealing—as you can swallow it up to 17 hours before sex.

For example, if you’re off to a bar—unless you remain there for more than 17 hours—your member will always be ready to stand to the occasion. Although that doesn’t mean you constantly have an erection—it still requires stimulation to become firm.

Let me give you the pros and cons of each in this GetRoman ED pills review.



  • Research shows slightly better results than tadalafil.6
  • Faster acting than tadalafil.
  • Suitable for men who know they will have sex soon.


  • Short half-life of about four hours.
  • Its strength may be lowered if a high-fat meal is consumed.7
  • May induce a blocked nose.8
  • Not as useful as tadalafil if you expect sex throughout the day.



  • Useful for guys who always want to be ready for action.
  • More popular with men experiencing erectile dysfunction than sildenafil.9
  • Food consumption doesn’t affect its power.


  • Not as well-known as sildenafil.
  • Carries a higher risk for other drug interactions than sildenafil.
  • May induce face redness.

What Does GetRoman ED Promise?

As indicated above in this GetRoman ED review, the active compounds in the pills are scientifically proven and have helped thousands of men with their erectile issues.

Yet, what does the manufacturer, Roman, claim about these products?

Here are their promises:

Increases Erectile Attainment

It’s possibly the most demeaning and emasculating issue in the bedroom. 

Failure to rise to the occasion means both you and your partner are unable to participate in satisfying intercourse—which can place stress on relationships.

Furthermore, if this is a common occurrence, it may lead to anxiety and depression—which impact on your life, in and out of the bedroom.

Using GetRoman ED pills enables you to enjoy strong and firm erections. Leading to the benefits of:

  • Being ready for intercourse when the occasion arises.
  • No surgery or injections required.
  • Promoting confidence.
  • Lowering anxiety.

Extends Erection Duration

There’s little point enjoying a mighty member if it loses interest halfway through sex.

What I want to stress in this GetRoman ED review is not only do these pills provide an erection—but they also maintain it. This results in more pleasurable, satisfying and longer-lasting intercourse.

Provides Constant Support

I’m pleased to indicate in this GetRoman ED review that to the company—you’re not just a number.

Should you have any queries about your medication, you can speak to a licensed physician online via phone call, messaging or even video chat.

Delivers to Your Door

As I mentioned earlier in this GetRoman ED review, the CEO, Zachariah Reitano, founded the company to allow every guy to obtain erection treatment without any fuss.

He understands that for many guys, discussing below-the-belt issues with a doctor or pharmacist can be embarrassing. Leading many men to decide against solving the problem and living with this issue.

GetRoman ED pills are delivered directly to your door—no visiting the drugstore. What’s more, all interactions with physicians are conducted online—through typing. You only need to speak on the phone if that’s your choice.

GetRoman ED Pills Results

Let me be blunt in this GetRoman ED Review—you want sex now, but your equipment isn’t playing ball.

Some alternative treatments can take weeks to show any effects, as the active compounds build up in your body. While they may be fairly worthwhile—they will not address the problem fast enough.

GetRoman is different.

The day that you take the pills is the day that your penis reawakens and is ready for a between the sheets marathon. Whichever of the two forms of GetRoman you select, your waiting time is minimal—around 30 minutes for sildenafil and 90-120 minutes for tadalafil.

The GetRoman before and after results are mind-blowing.

Previously, your member was unenthusiastic, limp and an embarrassment. After using GetRoman ED pills, your Johnson is a towering column.

You’ll find that this new-found ability to attain a solid penis increases your confidence. This leads to you wanting sex more and powering through for longer in every session.

Furthermore, it’s not all about you.

Having an iron-piston-like member means that your partner gets to enjoy long-lasting and deep, hard intercourse.

GetRoman ED Customer Testimonials

Soon in this GetRoman ED review, I’ll reveal my personal experiences of this product. But, first allow me to disclose what other users are saying:

“You guys are incredible. My office is just around the corner from you, and I hope you appreciate unexpected drop-ins because GetRoman has changed my life. I can’t thank you all enough. Thank you all again and here’s to a healthy manhood.”

“Talking about taking medications is just not something I’m horribly comfortable with…that and picking the medication up from the pharmacy where I know the pharmacists there. This company provides a much-needed service. I just want to take this brief moment to say thank you.”

“The Sildenafil began taking effect within 30-45 minutes, allowed for a successful and enjoyable experience and l was able to maintain a constant erection throughout the experience and for approximately 5-10 minutes afterward. As for side effects, nothing.”

“I am amazed at how effective these pills are…beyond my expectations…I am able to have and enjoy sexual intercourse for the first time in years…Thank you very much for this service!!”

 “This program has seriously helped me with something I never thought I’d feel comfortable addressing. So thanks for the work you’re doing.”

How Does It Feel?

At the beginning of this GetRoman ED review, I explained that I stumbled across this product looking for a solution to my erection issues.

The results I experienced prompted me to write this article.

The problem was, my erection issues made me feel down and alone. I was unable to share my problem with my buddies—thinking it would lead to me being the butt of their jokes at the bar. 

Furthermore, I was cynical about the whole male enhancement market.

Let’s face it—type in erection pills into Google, and you’re going to see hundreds of different products—the majority could be scams.

Nevertheless, desperate, I took the plunge with GetRoman ED pills. From the moment the mailman delivered it to my door—I knew things were on the up.

It arrived in plain packaging, anyone could easily mistake it as an innocent book purchase from Amazon. Nowhere on the sealed bag did it shout Powerful Penis Pills. Furthermore, it included information on safe use—and how to achieve the best effects.

I could wait no longer. My partner was at work, but I thought—what the hell, let’s give this bad boy a try.

After reading the directions, I popped a pill (sildenafil). Thirty minutes later and I started self-stimulation.

Buddy, I felt phenomenal.

For the first time in years, my Johnson responded by springing into action. This previously lazy and limp member was now standing proud and rock-solid.

I couldn’t believe that for so long I had been struggling with penis issues—and now just one pill had made this all a memory.

The following day—I went for the big one—intercourse.

It may have been the best sex I’ve ever experienced.

My member was like a beast. It felt like an animal pulling on its leash—demanding to enter my partner. 

Once inside—I was in ecstasy. I don’t know precisely the reason, perhaps the increase in blood flow, but the sensations I felt were off the scale. Every hip thrust delivered electrifying pleasure throughout my body.

What’s more, it wasn’t just me obtaining serious gratification—my partner was writhing in orgasmic delight. I guess for her, finally feeling a seriously rock-hard Johnson inside, hit all the right areas.

Even when I slowed the pace down during intimate moments—my penis remained consistently firm.

In short—GetRoman ED pills made me feel like a sexual machine.

GetRoman ED Review Side Effects and Complaints

I’ve explained in this GetRoman ED review that I’m thoroughly impressed with this product, but I wondered—do other guys feel the same way?

For balance, I searched long and hard for user’s complaints—I found very few.

In all cases, the issues were not about the efficacy of the product but other related problems.

One guy complained that he had to go through the process of obtaining a prescription online. Well, sildenafil and tadalafil are prescription drugs. Obtain them any other way, and they’ll be illegal and possible fake products.

Another user indicated that GetRoman doesn’t accept payment through an insurance company.

But that was as negative as I could find.

Encountering side effects using GetRoman is unlikely. Those susceptible to issues are usually identified prior to use through the online health check system. 

Yet, as with all medications, there are some risks of adverse reactions—depending on the drug itself.

I’ll use this section of this GetRoman ED review to list the common side effects of both forms of this product:

Sildenafil Side Effects

  • Headaches and migraines (16% of men).10
  • Facial flushing (10%).
  • Blocked nose (4%).
  • Indigestion and heartburn (3%).
  • Back pain (3%).
  • Vertigo (3%).
  • Muscle pain (2%).
  • Nausea (2%).
  • Altered vision (1%).
  • Skin rash (1%).
  • Bladder pain.11
  • Itchy skin.
  • Increased frequency of urination.
  • Stomach discomfort.

Tadalafil Side Effects

  • Headaches (15.8% of men).12
  • Indigestion (11.8%).
  • Nasopharyngitis (11.4%).
  • Back pain (8.2%).
  • Muscle pain.13 
  • Facial flushing.14
  • Stomach discomfort.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Memory problems.
  • Nausea.
  • Lowered blood pressure.
  • Vertigo.
  • Blurred vision and altered color perception.
  • Prolonged erections.

GetRoman ED Packaging and Pricing

I know what you’re thinking reading this GetRoman ED review—sounds good, but how much does it cost?

Let me take you through the variety of options:


Dose Price (per dose)

20 mg $2

40 mg $4

60 mg $6

80 mg $8

100 mg $10

Generic Viagra (sildenafil)

Dose Price (per dose)

25 mg $34

50 mg $34

100 mg $34

Branded Viagra (sildenafil) Cost

Dose Price (per dose)

25mg $70

50mg $70

100mg $70

Generic Cialis Cost (tadalafil)

Dose Price (per dose)

2.5 mg $11

5 mg $11

10 mg $44

20 mg $44

Daily Cialis $240 monthly for 2.5 mg or 5mg

Branded Cialis Cost

Dose Price (per dose)

2.5 mg $17

5 mg $17

10 mg $69

20 mg $69

Daily Cialis $390 monthly for 2.5mg / 5mg

Just a quick note in this GetRoman ED Pills review.

These prices are just a guide. When you speak online to your physician and select your use and shipment frequency, prices may vary slightly.

Looking at the options above, the choice may seem a little imposing. Don’t worry—it’s simpler than it first appears.

First, make your choice between sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis). If you’re comfortable taking a pill around thirty minutes before sex—select sildenafil. However, if you want the versatility of being ready all day and just want to pop a tablet in the morning, pick tadalafil.

Secondly, the dosage. This will be measured by your online physician. However, if you find the dose doesn’t deliver the results you expect—or they’re too intense—you can then message them to discuss altering the quantity.

Thirdly, the volume. Naturally, only you know how often you’re likely to have sex, but bear two things in mind:

  • Don’t under order—if you reach for a tablet and all you find is an empty packet—you could be disappointed.
  • Improved erectile function may encourage you to indulge in sex more frequently.

Finally, branded or generic. 

Clinically speaking, the results will be the same—as both branded and generic products contain the same active ingredients.

However, the differences are:

  • Generic products lack the distinctive shape and appearance of branded.
  • Pfizer manufactures Viagra, Lilly makes Cialis—any pharma can produce generic products.
  • Branded products are more expensive than generic.

Where to Buy GetRoman ED Pills?

Take my advice in this GetRoman ED review—only purchase this product from the official website.

As they are the only retailer selling the official pills—if you see them anywhere else, they’re likely to be fake—leaving you disappointed.

Currently, GetRoman ED pills are only available in the US and ship to all states except North Dakota.

When you make your purchase, you’re given access online to My Ro Portal. This allows you to control your shipment frequency and/or cancel them.

If you find your product arrives with the wrong type or at an incorrect dosage—you can return for a refund. However, if the GetRoman ED pills are correct—there’s no return policy.

How GetRoman ED Works 

I’ve already mentioned in this GetRoman ED review that these products require a prescription. Hence, the ordering process may at first seem a little unusual.

Let me take you through it.

  1. Head to the official GetRoman ED website.
  2. Complete an online form. This explores your medical history, lifestyle and any symptoms you are experiencing at the moment.
  3. Provide a copy of a government-issued ID and another photo clearly showing your face.
  4. Supply a blood pressure reading. If you haven’t had a pressure check within the last six months—you can obtain an up to date measure through either visiting a clinic or pharmacy or purchasing a home-kit.
  5. You will connect with an online physician to discuss your personalized treatment. This service is available 24/7.
  6. After a prescription is issued (within 24 hours), your medications are shipped to your door within two days (completely free).

Depending on your plan choice, you will receive your GetRoman pills either monthly or quarterly. This is usually rebilled automatically, so you don’t have to order every few weeks.

Alternatively, by accessing your account online, you can choose to pause, delay or cancel deliveries. If you wish you can also switch to an on-demand service without rebilling.

It’s worth remembering in this GetRoman ED review that buying these pills in this manner is entirely legal. All the physicians working for Roman are licensed to both treat patients and prescribe medication in your particular state (except North Dakota). Furthermore, any information you give to these doctors remains completely confidential.

You may be wondering—can I get GetRoman ED pills through my health insurance?

Unfortunately, no.

However, the budget-friendly prices offered on the official website often mean it’s a cheaper option than visiting your doctor and driving to a pharmacy.

GetRoman ED Pills FAQ

“Is GetRoman ED Safe to Use?”


A licensed doctor will check your medical history and lifestyle through the online platform. This ensures that this product is suitable for your particular needs and requirements.

Both sildenafil and tadalafil are approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). However, earlier in this GetRoman review, I explained in some circumstances, they can induce side effects. 15 16

If you witness any adverse reactions, cease use and consult with your physician.

“How to Take GetRoman ED Pills?”

Usually, sildenafil is taken 30-60 minutes before intercourse and tadalafil two hours prior to sex.

However, your online physician will advise on the exact dosage you require and how to use them. 

“Can I Take More GetRoman ED Pills Than Prescribed?”

If you find that the results from GetRoman aren’t as impressive as you would like—consult with your online doctor.

He or she may agree to you taking more than one pill or recommend changing the dosage for your next order.

However, under no circumstances, self-prescribe your dose.

“Can I Use GetRoman ED Pills With Alcohol?”

A quick word of warning in this GetRoman ED review.

If you consume alcohol while using erectile dysfunction pills—the risk of experiencing side effects from sildenafil and tadalafil increases. 

Additionally, while having a few drinks before sex may relax you and elevate your libido—too much can be counterproductive for satisfying intercourse. It may reduce penile sensation, prevent erection attainment or turn you into slurring beer-smelling mess.

All that being said, a few drinks now and again isn’t harmful. Try not to exceed two 12-ounce beers, a couple of shots of liquor or two six-ounce glasses of wine per day. 

“Can I Use GetRoman ED Pills With Other Medicine?”

Your online physician will discuss your current medications to see if they are likely to react alongside the GetRoman ED pills.

However, personally, I would suggest talking about this with your Primary Care Doctor before using sildenafil or tadalafil alongside other drugs. They are in an ideal position to offer advice as they understand your full medical history.

“Will GetRoman ED Pills Make My Penis Bigger?”

Possibly—however only when erect.

Let’s face the truth in this GetRoman ED review—despite what you may read online—no pills are going to make a flaccid penis longer or thicker. In the same way, you can’t take a tablet to make you taller.

However, the active ingredients in GetRoman ED pills act to dilate the vascular system engorging your penis with blood. The more of this you have in your member, the larger, stronger and thicker it appears.

“Will GetRoman ED Pills Show up on My Drug Test?”

Typically, the two forms of GetRoman ED—tadalafil and sildenafil—aren’t included in regular drug tests.

However, even if they do return a positive result—they’re completely legal for medical use when prescribed by a physician.

“Can I Mix Sildenafil and Tadalafil GetRoman ED Pills Together?”

Definitely not.

Consuming both forms at the same time could cause serious side effects. So, when you purchase pills from the official GetRoman website, you can only select one type.

However, some users find that one form is more effective for their personal physiologies than the other. Hence, if you find that your results aren’t as dramatic as you would like, speak to your online physician regarding switching compounds.

Alternative Products

For total transparency in this GetRoman ED review, I have to state that there are alternative products online for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Let’s forget about any of the illegal products and stick to those that can be obtained without the risk of imprisonment and are sold by reputable manufacturers.

One of the most popular and widely available of these erection-builders are natural treatments. Let’s see how they stack up against GetRoman ED pills.

Male Enhancement Pills (Herbal)

These products come under a variety of brand names. The main ways in which they differ from GetRoman ED pills are that they:

  • Are made from natural products—not synthetics which manufacturers have formulated in a lab.
  • Address numerous areas of male sexual enhancement—erectile dysfunction, libido, energy, stamina and premature ejaculation.
  • Can be obtained without a prescription.
  • Could lack scientific research for efficacy.
  • Take longer to address the issue of erectile dysfunction than GetRoman ED pills.
  • May be wholly useless and contain nothing but placebos or “traditional” treatments.

It’s these last two issues that are important to address. 

Many of the active compounds in herbal male enhancement pills require a long time to take effect. The results are cumulative, with small gains being made in all departments every day.

However, with GetRoman ED pills, they will provide immediate improvements (within 30-120 minutes). You don’t have to wait for weeks to see returns.

Secondly, I need to state in this GetRoman ED review that there are some phenomenal male enhancement herbal pills. The best examples in the market contain nothing but ingredients that are scientifically proven to improve sex drive, endurance and penile firmness.

Unfortunately, there are also examples that will have no researched compounds, or if they do, are vastly underdosed.

Overall, male enhancement pills are good—but not amazing. They suit guys who maybe just want a little kick-start in all areas of their sexual health but don’t require the potency and incredible results that prescription pills, like GetRoman, can provide.

Pros of Male Enhancement Pills

  • Address more than one area of sexual function.
  •  Are available over the counter.
  • Completely natural.
  • Don’t require a prescription.
  • Have few side effects.

 Cons of Male Enhancement Pills

  • Not as powerful as GetRoman ED pills.
  • May lack scientific backing, unlike the compounds in GetRoman.
  • Slow-acting.
  • Sold as dietary supplements—the FDA will not have approved them for treatment of medical issues.
  • Need to be taken every day to witness results—GetRoman ED Pills are taken on the very day you want sex.

Other Alternatives

We have also put together a comprehensive Hims vs Roman vs BlueChew review article, so you can compare all these products yourself.

GetRoman ED Pills Review Final Verdict

The lack of enthusiasm that my member displayed was ruining my sex-life, causing me stress and making me look a fool in front of my partner.

The truth is, this is a common occurrence.

With one in every two guys experiencing erectile dysfunction—it’s surprising that it’s not talked about more in bars and locker rooms across the country.

But, we don’t speak about it, do we?

What’s more, many of us are embarrassed or scared to explain the situation to our physicians to try and solve the issue.

Yet GetRoman ED pills turned that on its head.

You can obtain these powerful and prescription-only pills without speaking to anyone face-to-face.

What’s more, unlike their herbal enhancement competitors, GetRoman ED works almost immediately. Allowing you to utilize a rock-hard member within minutes of the product landing on your doorstep.

Furthermore, the multitude of pricing options means this can be incredibly easy on the wallet.

The bottom line in this GetRoman ED review:

If you want the masculinity-boosting feeling that only an enormous and solid member can provide—my advice is to use GetRoman.



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