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Max Performer Review | Should You Buy It?

My downstairs department wasn’t in top form.

It was a gradual decline—starting with low libido. My voracious sexual appetite had diminished to an occasional bedroom session.

When I did manage to summon up the will—my member wasn’t playing ball.

It was taking much longer to achieve an erection. Even when I did attain a semi-firm penis—it wasn’t remaining hard for long.

I needed to take action—this was ruining my relationship.

Then I tried Max Performer—and it worked.

This innocuous pill restored my desire and penis rigidity—let me tell you about it in this Max Performer review.

What Is Max Performer?

This supplement, manufactured by the UK-based Silver Blade Nutrition Ltd, is a male enhancement pill. As such, Max Performer aims to address the common problem areas in male sexual health—such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, and reduced stamina.

While it’s important to stress in this Max Performer review that this product is suitable for any man over the age of 18, it’s particularly targeted towards those who:

  • Find their desire to get busy in the bedroom isn’t as high as they’d like.
  • Experience lackluster erections, or insufficient longevity.
  • Demand longer lovemaking sessions.
  • Wish to enjoy higher self-confidence in the bedroom.
  • Are unhappy with their current sexual performance levels.

How Does Max Performer Work?

Firstly—all the ingredients are natural. This is unlike many prescription male enhancers that contain compounds which scientists have engineered in a lab.

The manufacturers have included specific ingredients that science has shown to improve male sexual performance. Mainly, these compounds work by:

  • Activating signals in the brain to stimulate sexual desire.
  • Enhancing blood flow to the penis which can heighten erection quality.1
  • Elevating testosterone levels—which can increase libido, erection firmness, and sperm fertility.2 3 4
  • Inhibiting PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5)—blocking enzymes that can prevent erections.5

Pros of Using a Male Enhancement Pill

  • Less likely to induce side effects than prescription drugs.
  • One pill to address numerous male health areas.
  • Available over the counter.
  • By improving sexual performance, it elevates the sense of wellbeing and self-confidence.
  • Contain scientifically proven enhancers.
  • 100 percent natural.

Cons of Using a Male Enhancement Pill

  • Requires daily intake of a supplement.
  • May not address severe erectile dysfunction.
  • Could lead to an insatiable sexual appetite.

Max Performer Ingredients

Time to get down to the serious detail in this Max Performer review. Here are the key active compounds in this 13-ingredient male enhancement supplement:

Maca 1000 mg

Coming from the brassica family, Maca is a plant which you can only find in the Peruvian Andes.6

Research indicates that it has two proven male-boosting properties—raising libido and improving the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.7

Scientists have suggested this may be due to its ability to heighten nitric oxide production—improving blood flow to the penis.8

Red Korean Ginseng 1000 mg

With its multitude of sex-enhancing powers, I’m pleased to see this ingredient in this Max Performer review.

Clinical research shows that red ginseng can heighten free testosterone, reduce the power of estrogen, boost libido and elevate fertility.9

Horny Goat Weed 1000 mg

One of my personal favorite sex-raising compounds.

Let me show you in this Max Performer review the numerous properties of this flowering plant. Studies explain it can:

  • Heighten libido.
  • Improve erection quality—by inhibiting PDE5.10 11
  • Reduce blood pressure—raising cardiovascular health and increasing stamina.12
  • Escalate energy reserves.13

Bioperine 15 mg

An ingredient whose primary function is to increase the bioavailability of the other compounds in this Max Performer review.

Furthermore, research illustrates Bioperine can:

  • Heighten mood—by increasing dopamine production levels.14
  • Lowering inflammation which can cause erection problems.15
  • Improve carbohydrate and fat metabolism, possibly resulting in weight loss.16

Cordyceps 1000 mg

A fungus which mainly grows in China.

The extract from this organism can stimulate the area of the brain that’s responsible for libido. 17

Zinc 24 mg 240 % of Daily Value

Experts in numerous papers have declared zinc to be a potent testosterone heightener—elevated levels of which can increase sex drive and improve erection rigidity.18

What Does Max Performer Promise?

We’ve seen in this Max Performer review what the ingredients can do—but what do the manufacturer’s claim?

According to their marketing material—Max Performer will:

Provide Larger and Firmer Erections

Here’s an alarming fact in this Max Performer review—one in every two men will experience erectile dysfunction.19 

Not only can this be frustrating when you want to get down to action, but it can also be embarrassing and impinge on your self-confidence.

Elevating erectile quality can lead to satisfying lovemaking and restoration of your self-worth.

Elevate Sexual Desire

As we become older, our testosterone levels fall. This can mean a decline in our libido.20

By boosting T-levels, sex-drive rises—providing both you and your partner with a more pleasurable and frequent love life.

Heighten Sexual Performance and Stamina

Short-lived erections and premature ejaculation can ruin our bedroom exercise.

The latter affects an incredible 33 percent of men—leading to feelings of inadequacy and disappointment.21

Luckily, this Max Performer review can reveal there’s a solution.

The ingredients in this supplement can increase blood flow and raise testosterone levels—boosting erectile duration and lowering the risk of an early climax.22

Intensify and Improve Orgasm

Elevating testosterone may improve the orgasm reflex and can increase semen volume.23

An ejaculation that’s more of a mighty fountain than a small dribble increases feelings of masculinity—and enhances the satisfaction of facials.

Increase Fun and Improve Relationships

With every aspect of your sexual performance elevated—you becoming a confident sex-machine in the bedroom. Reinvigorating your love life, lowering stress, and escalating feelings of masculinity.

It all sounds great, right?

But I know what’s on your mind in this Max Performer review—how long is it going to take to work?

While timelines do differ between guys (as all our physiologies differ), generally this is what you could experience:

Weeks 1-2 The first improvement guys witness in using Max Performer is an increase

in their erection firmness and longevity. Even within just a few days, some 

users notice that their previously lackluster hard-ons are becoming solid.

Weeks 3-4 During this period, many men feel a noticeable elevation in their libido 

levels. It seems to rise gradually—week upon week desire and 

enthusiasm for lovemaking heightens.

Weeks 5-6 Often, after over one month’s use—guys report that their orgasms

are much more intense and satisfying. Furthermore, those who have 

previously suffered from stamina issues discover their intercourse is

lasting longer.

What’s most interesting in this Max Performer review is that these improvements don’t seem to wane with extended use.

They magnify.

The longer you take these pills—the more astounding the results.

Max Performer Side Effects and Complaints

My personal experience with this supplement was positive. However, for a truly balanced approach in this Max Performer review—we need to explore whether guys experience these beneficial returns across the board.

Happily, I’m pleased to say that reported side effects and complaints are in the minority—most guys find that Max Performer delivers powerful results.

Here are genuine examples of users’ experiences:

“Felt a little more aroused, nothing much more. Did give me a headache.”


“I’ve been using Viagra for the last year—but I have been getting nasty side effects. So, I started looking for a natural solution and found your supplement. I am now enjoying the best sex of my life—I’m side effect free.”


“My performance is much better and my erections are now rock solid.”


“My libido and erections have increased by over 200 percent—and the sensations during sex are intense for me and my girlfriend.”


“I found Max Performer in my boyfriend’s drawer—knew he was using something as our sex life suddenly got a lot better—thank you for you creating these pills.”


As you can see in this Max Performer review, the 100 percent natural formulation seems to avoid any adverse health issues—instead, it just delivers elevated sexual satisfaction.

How Does It Feel?

Scientific research aside—let me give you my subjective opinion in this Max Performer review.

After using this supplement—I felt like a real man again.

Lasting longer in bed, experiencing mind-blowing orgasms and enjoying the benefits of a rock-solid erection ensured my lovemaking reached almost porn star levels.

I’m no longer unwilling or apprehensive about instigating intercourse with my partner. In fact, I have to make time to fit in all of my bedroom antics to satisfy my unquenchable desire.

Furthermore, I feel so much happier—brimming with self-confidence and enjoying seeing my partner being fulfilled sexually too.

Max Performer Packaging and Pricing

I can guess what’s on your mind while reading this Max Performer review—ok, sounds great, but is it going to hammer the credit card?

The good news is, when purchased in larger quantities, Max Performer is seriously budget-friendly.

One month’s supply $69.00

Three months’ supply $138.00

Six months’ supply $200.00 (a 50 percent saving)

Furthermore, but keep this between you and me, if you use the discount code VALOR10 you can receive a 10 percent discount on your order.

Remember—if you stop taking Max Performer, you may lose the immense performance benefits that you’ve been enjoying. Always ensure you order sufficient volumes, so you don’t miss a dose!

Where to Buy Max Performer?

If, after reading this Max Performer review, you’re tempted to try out this male enhancement pill, you’re wondering—where can I buy it?

Currently, this supplement is only available on the official Max Performer website.

Buying directly from the manufacturer means that you:

  • Will receive a 100 percent genuine product.
  • Can take advantage of their worldwide shipping.
  • Are covered by their 100-day money-back guarantee policy.
  • Should expect delivery within 3-10 days (depending on location).

Max Performer FAQ

“Is Max Performer Safe to Use?”

Yes. As I indicated in earlier this Max Performer review, it includes nothing but 100 percent natural ingredients.

“How to Take Max Performer?”

Consume two tablets at the same time every day with a glass of water.

“Can I Use Max Performer with Alcohol?”

While alcohol will not cause health issues when consumed alongside Max Performer, it may inhibit its power.

“Can I Use Max Performer with Prescription Medicine?”

Although I’ve stated in this Max Performer review that it’s safe—I recommend speaking with your health practitioner before using it with other medications.

“Can I Buy Max Performer without Prescription?”

Yes. Max Performer is an OTC (over the counter) supplement.

Alternative Products

While this is a Max Performer review—it would be foolhardy not to consider some of the other similar products on the market.

Here’s how Max Performer measures up to the other leading male enhancement players:

VigRX Plus

Ten proven sex-boosting ingredients make VigRX Plus a highly potent supplement that I need to mention in this Max Performer review.

Coming from the nutritional powerhouse Leading Edge Health—this is one of the few OTC enhancers that’s been subjected to clinical studies. The researchers demonstrated that it had proven abilities to improve erections, elevate orgasmic pleasure and raise desire.24

This supplement is for the everyman—a guy who just wants to take his sexual performance to the max.


  • Independently evaluated for efficacy.
  • 10 proven male enhancement ingredients.
  • 67-day money-back guarantee.


  • Premium price for a premium product.
  • Harder on the wallet than Max Performer.
  • Doesn’t include the powerful Maca ingredient found in Max Performer.


One of the most ingredient-heavy formulas in a male enhancement pill.

The company behind this supplement has left nothing to chance by including 21 different sex-improving compounds.

However, while admirable, 19 of these are found in proprietary blends. This means that none of them are quantified—and hence cannot be judged for efficacy.


  • Requires just one pill per day.
  • More budget-friendly than Max Performer.
  • Angled towards those who need a powerful testosterone boost.


  • With 19 unquantified ingredients—its power cannot be ascertained.
  • Some users find the capsules hard to swallow.
  • Fewer positive customer reviews than Max Performer.

Male Extra

A supplement that may appeal to guys who have trouble tolerating a compound-heavy pill. With just seven ingredients—it’s relatively easy on the gut.

Furthermore, it’s a supplement with pedigree. With over 150,000 users worldwide—it’s a highly popular male enhancer. This is justified by its inclusion of the erection-boosting l-arginine, T-elevating zinc, and sex-drive heightening cordyceps.


  • Suitable for those seeking a lighter product.
  • Comes from a company with over nine year’s nutritional experience.
  • Worldwide delivery option.


  • Not as light on the bank account as Max Performer (when purchased in bulk).
  • Requires consuming three pills per day.
  • Not enough ingredients to be the best male enhancer.

Max Performer Final Verdict

Underwhelming performance in the bedroom can negatively impact our self-confidence, mental wellbeing, sexual enjoyment and relationships.

However, by using Max Performer—this situation can be turned on its head. It can enable us to want sex more, utilize impressive erections, and relish our intercourse encounters.

While this Max Performer review has illustrated there are some other solid supplements on the market, they lag behind my selected product.

With its formidable 13-ingredient formulation, quantified ingredients, and a supplement that delivers the best quality to price ratio—it’s a no-brainer.

The bottom line:

To become the symbol of masculine sexuality you want to be—shoot over to the Max Performer website and start on the road to adult movie star performance.



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