Why Does It Matter?

The Benefits of PFML

PFML benefits the businesses that offer it as well as employees who take advantage of the program. Companies that have recently implemented a paid family & medical leave policy commonly cite five business benefits:

  1. Improved employee retention
  2. Better talent attraction
  3. Reinforced company values
  4. Improved employee engagement, morale, and productivity
  5. Enhanced brand equity

Benefits for Employees and Families: Paid Parental Leave

For Children:

Paid parental leave has been associated with multiple infant health benefits, including:

  • Lower mortality rates
  • Higher immunization rates
  • Higher likelihood / duration of breastfeeding
  • Improved early cognitive outcomes
  • Potentially better educational outcomes and earnings later in life

For Parents:

When parents take paid parental leave, they may experience:

  • Higher self-reported ability to care for their child and more confident parenting
  • A lower likelihood of needing federal assistance (e.g., SNAP) in the year after a birth

Mothers who take paid parental leave have:

  • Fewer depressive symptoms during early motherhood
  • An increased likelihood of remaining in the workforce, with the same employer and with higher wages, after having a child

Fathers are more likely to take parental leave when it is paid, which may lead to:

  • Fathers more involved in childcare / parenting in the long-term
  • Mothers able to return to work more quickly

Benefits for Employees and Families: Paid Caregiver and Medical Leave

Paid caregiver leave and medical leave provide health benefits for an ill/injured employee or family member. Individuals are able to give or receive necessary care without the interference of work responsibilities or financial burden of unpaid leave. Caregiving leave may be increasingly important due to aging demographics and the fact that most seniors want to age in place.