identify decision makers

Find out whose endorsement you will need in order to make the official choice to offer compensated family & medical leave from work. Among other, these people might be:

  • BOD or board of directors of a company
  • Head of Human Resources / other Human Resources key employees
  • Other senior executives (for example Chief Executive Officer or Chief Operational Offices
  • You could also contact heads of different business units
  • Committee members who are responsible for Employee benefits

In case of a need to talk this through with multiple leaders or group representatives determine first in which order you will contact them (for example start with CEO and move to HR head). It’s good to start from the top as if you get CEO on board, it is more likely that other managers will follow as they will be more easy to convince. 


“We decided to bring it up to our Chief Executive Officer, who was on board to afford employees at his company this complicated time. Since the CEO got on board ASAP, then all other key executives and workers followed suit.” – Plastics Manufacturing company from Chicago